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This 15-Inch Innocn 15K1F Portable OLED Monitor Is on Sale Right Now

My home workstation has a 32-inch ultrawide monitor paired with a 28-inch monitor mounted vertically alongside it, which is why I feel cramped whenever I’m away from home and have to use my laptop’s c..

Watch Wear & Care

GE Profile will protect your finest and favorite pieces so they last for years to come with Enhanced Smarter Wash Technology. In this video, we spotlight exactly how easy GE Profile helps clothing las..

Watch Dismiss The Dispensing

You shouldn't have to solve math equations to do laundry. by calculating exactly how much you need. No two loads or structures are alike. And GE Profile saves you time and reduces waste..

Apple iPhone 14 Review: Iterative Upgrades

As I was getting a haircut last week, someone working at the salon asked if I'd seen the new iPhone. They didn't know my occupation, but they saw my Apple Watch, and, as is obligatory in their line of..

The Unlikely Cure for Burnout? A Second Job

At the beginning of the pandemic, Sarah Murphy accepted a new role as a creative lead at a tech company. But when it came time to resign from her position in a different industry … she didn’t. “I felt..

How to Advocate for Data Privacy and Users' Rights

Your Facebook is no longer a naked-to-the-public firehose of information about your family and social life. Your mobile phone is as do-not-track as you’re able to function under. You cover your webcam..

Brazil's Far Right Plots Its Own January 6 Insurrection

People voting in Brazil’s October 2 elections have been subjected to a deluge of misinformation and disinformation on social media in recent months. Researchers say that Telegram has become the hub of..

NASA’s DART Spacecraft Smashes Into an Asteroid—on Purpose

NASA’s usually pretty careful with its space probes. But this time, with DART, it’s different. A team of scientists have now deliberately plowed a craft into a tumbling space rock at high speed. Missi..

A Sprawling Bot Network Used Fake Porn to Fool Facebook

In November 2021, Tord Lundström, the technical director at Swedish digital forensics nonprofit Qurium Media, noticed something strange. A massive distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack was targe..

Hurricane Ian Blows Back NASA’s Artemis Launch

NASA’s team leading the Artemis program of lunar missions really wants to get on with their inaugural spaceflight—which was slated for tomorrow morning. But with a strengthening Hurricane Ian barrelin..

Shopdisney Promo Codes for September 2022

Buy two, get one for free is now available on select sale clothing, costumes, toys, accessories, and more at shopDisney. To take advantage of the promotion, enter this ShopDisney coupon code at checko..

Steve-O Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions

and this is the WIRED Autocomplete Interview. You could say, Jackass, was a band, Now, it's been a while since I Googled myself, so this could be a complete shock. Where is Steve from? I grew up ..

WIRED Brand Lab

In January, two fatal fires highlighted a crisis of inequality in America: minority communities are at a higher risk of being injured or killed in a fire. The residential blazes, one in New York and ..

Lupe Pure Cordless Vacuum Review: Noisy but Capable

Oh, cleaning. It’s one of those things we have to do to avoid living in filth, but how anyone stays on top of it is beyond me. Dishes pile up quickly and dust settles at an alarming rate. (Where does ..

Vitalik Buterin on What’s Next for Ethereum After the Merge

Another is the greater legitimacy the switch to proof of stake gives to Ethereum. A lot of institutional actors, whether it's governments or corporations, their biggest reason to be skeptical of or no..

Growing Old Online

Sometimes when I can’t sleep, I put the Twitter app back on my phone and scroll aimlessly. I’m trying to hurt my own feelings, and I’m always successful. I want something to hate, I want someone to be..

How to Upload Custom Emoji in Slack

I used to work for a company that had a few thousand custom emoji in Slack, which I admit got annoying—certain managers overused them to the point where I rarely had any idea what they were trying to ..

How to Save Money on the Apps You Use

You can easily find yourself spending a substantial amount of money on the apps you use every day—whether through up-front payments or monthly or yearly subscriptions. It always pays to shop smart, a..

The Windows 11 2022 Update Is Now Available

Windows 11 was released last year, and now Microsoft has pushed out the first somewhat sizable update for the desktop operating system. The upgrades are helpful yet relatively small compared to some o..

Child Predators Mine Twitch to Prey on Kids

Some churches across the United States are using invasive phone-monitoring technology in efforts to discourage “sinful” behavior, a WIRED investigation revealed this week. The churches are using a ser..

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