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Apple’s VR Vision Comes Into Focus

This is the slow time in the world of gadgets and consumer tech, a product purgatory between CES and Phone Announcement Season that makes for a dearth of device news. Right now, there's only one thin…..

A Link to News Site Meduza Can (Technically) Land You in Russian Prison

When you run a major app, all it takes is one mistake to put countless people at risk. Such is the case with Diksha, a public education app run by Indias Ministry of Education that exposed the person…..

The American West’s Salt Lakes Are Turning to Dust

This story originally appeared onHigh Country Newsand is part of theClimate Deskcollaboration. Last summer, scientists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration observed dust blowing 85…..

Doctors, Get Ready for Your AI Assistants

In 2023, radiologists in hospitals around the world will increasingly use medical imageswhich include x-rays and CT, MRI, and PET scansthat have been first read and evaluated by AI machines. Gastroen…..

'Menswear Guy' Marks a Shift in Twitter's Main Characters

I dont want to bother people, says Derek Guy, the menswear writer from California behind the @dieworkwear Twitter account, which in recent weeks has been inescapable for a large proportion of Twitter…..

Climate Reparations Won’t Work

In the concrete rubble on Kanokupolu beach, Tonga, leaves have begun forming a covergreen and glossy amid the dull grays of the detritus in the sand. A year after the eruption of Hunga TongaHunga Haa…..

M&M’s Are the Best Trolls on the Internet

The Monitor is aweekly columndevoted to everything happening in the WIRED world of culture, from movies to memes, TV to Twitter. M&Ms are canceled. Well, not really. They canceled themselves. Af…..

Alphabet's Layoffs Aren’t Very Googley

In 2004, Google cofounders Larry Page and Sergey Brin engaged in a comically passive-aggressive IPO road show. They eschewed business suits for casual garb, refused to answer many questions from fina…..

Robot Cars Are Causing 911 False Alarms in San Francisco

For some residents of San Francisco, the robotic future of driving is just a tap away. Ride-hailing services from GM subsidiary Cruise and Alphabet company Waymo allow them to summon a driverless rid…..

Apple MacBook Pro (16-Inch, 2023) Review: Great Gets Greater

When you need power from your laptop, it's smart to plug in the charger to eke out as much performance as possible. However, Apple's first M1-powered MacBook Pro models marked a seachange in this ide…..

Obsessed - How This Guy Mastered the Slinky

Did you play with slinkys when you were younger? Josh Jacobs has taken a childhood toy and turned it into a visually stunning art form. Slinky manipulation is a fairly new practice, starting around 20..

Most Criminal Cryptocurrency Funnels Through Just 5 Exchanges

For years, the cryptocurrency economy has been rife with black market sales, theft, ransomware, and money launderingdespite the strange fact that in that economy, practically every transaction is wri…..

Apple Mac Mini (M2 Pro, 2023) Review: The Missing Piece

it's easy to overlook the Mac Mini: Apples small, squarish PC isnt particularly exciting. Its not ultra-powerful like the Mac Studio, modular like the Mac Pro, or colorful like the 24-inch iMac. You …..

You Might Survive a Nuclear Blast—if You Have the Right Shelter

But lets be honest: Most people, even in the moderate damage zone, wont survive. Hardly anyone lives or works in nearly windowless reinforced-concrete buildings, nor in the vicinity of a concrete bun…..

Celebrities, TikTok, and a Cat Bot Are Crashing Chess.com

Trending in 2023 is one of the worlds oldest games played on a 17-year-old website: Chess.com. The site, which lets people take lessons, solve puzzles, and match up against computers or other players…..

Airlines and Cattle Farmers Have Beef With Google’s Climate Math

Flying premium from San Francisco to Los Angeles, a common trip for some Californians, could generate 101 kilograms of carbon emissions, or perhaps 142 or even 366 kilogramsdepending on what source y…..

15 Best Recycled and Upcycled Clothes (2023): Leggings, Sneakers, T-shirts

You may have noticed we're having a bit of a climate crisis, but we're having a trash crisis as well. Trash is polluting our oceans, lining both city and rural streets, and harming animals that are j…..

Unlocking Alzheimer’s: Transforming Diagnosis Through Biomarkers | WIRED Brand Lab

Produced by WIRED Brand Lab with Labcorp | One of the biggest challenges for people with Alzheimer’s Disease and their caregivers is the path to a correct diagnosis. Recent advancements in biomarker t..

China Is the World’s Biggest Face Recognition Dealer

Early last year, the government of Bangladesh began weighing an offer from an unnamed Chinese company to build a smart city on the Bay of Bengal with infrastructure enhanced by artificial intelligenc…..

Is It Time to Call Time on the Doomsday Clock?

But at the same time, annual carbon emissions are still rising. While the future is looking better, right now things are still getting worse. This presents a conundrum for the scientists who set the …..

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