Microsoft is doing away with passwords for Azure Virtual Desktop

Microsoft is now publicly previewing a single sign-on experience for Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD), enabling passwordless authentication for users. Users will now be able to use Windows Hell…..

HP Envy 16

HP Envy 16: Two minute review More of a side-step than a full on refresh or downgrade, the HP Envy 16 carries many standout features from its previous iteration. When we reviewed the HP Envy 15 (20…..

SSD could hasten demise of HDD as price parity looms in 2023

At least two manufacturers have reduced their 2TB SSD to less than $100 over the past days on Amazon, an extraordinary floor price reached outside of Amazon Prime Day and Black Friday/Cyber Monday.…..

Google Play Store and Apple Store adware downloaded millions of times

Almost a hundred apps across the Android (opens in new tab) and iOS ecosystems have been discovered engaging in advertising fraud, researchers have claimed. The apps, 80 of which were built for Andr…..

Samsung just launched a credit card - but you probably won't be able to get one

Samsung is set to launch a new cashback credit card, which offers a 10% discount on its products year-round. However, unfortunately for the majority of our readers, the card is only set to be availa…..

The best iPadOS 16 feature is coming to non-M1 iPads

Stage Manager, one of the most fundamental changes to the iPad platform since Apple's tablet launched more than a decade ago, is now set to come to more iPad Pros than just those running Apple's late…..

Skullcandy is ready to go after your gaming ears - again

Skullcandy is coming back to the world of gaming with three new headsets: the SLYR, SLYR Pro, and the PLYR headphones; all of which are aimed at varying levels of gamers. It’s been about 10 years si…..

This devious malware is pretending to be gaming cheats, so watch out

Cybercriminals are trying to distribute new information-stealing malware (opens in new tab) by presenting it as gaming cheats and hacks.  According to cybersecurity researchers from Cluster25, the m…..

Winegard FlatWave Amped Pro TH-3000

30-second review Winegard’s TH-3000 Flatwave Amped Pro antenna offers good performance, and uses an effective app for initial setup that shows you real-world reception potential prior to installatio…..

You can now run Google Ads through GoDaddy

Web hosting (opens in new tab) giant GoDaddy (opens in new tab) and Google have combined resources to offer a new Google Ads solution through GoDaddy’s marketing dashboard. With the aim of givin…..

Intel 13th gen CPUs launch with big boosts – should AMD be worried?

After months of leaks and speculation, Intel has officially announced its 13th generation Intel Core desktop processors, and given us (and its rival AMD) a glimpse of what to expect. Formerly known …..

Microsoft Teams is really going all-out to make sure you never miss a meeting again

Keeping track of your ever-changing Microsoft Teams calendar could soon be easier than ever thanks to a new update. The video conferencing service has revealed it is working on a new feature that wi…..

GTA publisher abandons Outriders devs’ next game after two years

GTA publisher Take-Two Interactive has withdrawn from a publishing agreement with People Can Fly, two years into the development of the studio’s next project. The Outriders developer announced the e…..

LinkedIn says your friends might not actually be helping you get a great new job

Your casual workplace or life acquiantances might be having more of an effect on your career than you might expect, new research has claimed. LinkedIn has published (opens in new tab) the results of…..

Cloudflare launches eSim to protect mobile devices

Cloudflare is to launch its own eSIM card equivalent which it says is the world's first "Zero Trust" SIM. The new Cloudflare SIM subscribes to the zero trust security model, which describes an appro…..

Windows 11 22H2 suffers nasty bug that crashes some PCs with Intel CPUs

Windows 11 22H2 is causing some trouble here and there, first of all for gamers with Nvidia graphics cards – though that issue now has a fix – and now we’re hearing of a nasty Blue Screen of Death (B…..

Monoprice 32-inch CrystalPro 4K Monitor

Monoprice's 32-inch CrystalPro monitor is a beautiful 4K, 60Hz, 16:9 display with a clean design and functional stand, providing an excellent  consideration when searching for a new business monitor …..

Nreal brings its AR glasses to iPhones and the Nintendo Switch, but it isn't cheap

Nreal's impressive AR glasses – the Nreal Air – are headed to the US along with a new adapter that’ll make the specs compatible with a load of new devices. Launching today, the Nreal Air AR glasses …..

Big firms are being hit with hundreds of cyberattacks every week

The number of cyberattacks against big firms is constantly rising, and is now at the point where increased stress, long hours and hard work are business as usual for SecOps teams.  Trellix recently …..

Why Intel Raptor Lake’s disappointing laptop CPU benchmarks don’t add up

Intel’s Raptor Lake processors for laptops have been spotted in some leaked benchmarks, giving us a potential idea of their performance – and at first glance, it seems seriously disappointing, but th…..

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