Anti-piracy messages encourage MORE piracy — if you’re a man

Anti-piracy campaigns can actually cause more piracy — if you’re a man. So say the cybercrime experts at the University of Portsmouth, who investigated efforts to deter illegal torrenting, streaming, ..

Dutch startup secures $25M to bring autonomous bricklaying robots to Europe

The construction sector builds the homes we live in, the offices we work in, and the schools our children learn in — but in Europe, there’s a chronic shortage of people to do this critical work. Dutch..

DeepMind COO on building a responsible future for AI and humanity

Recently, a New Zealand-based supermarket was miffed to find its AI meal bot going haywire. Instead of providing wholesome recipe suggestions using its products, it had begun suggesting dishes such as..

Don’t trust AI girlfriends — they only want you for your data

It’s Valentine’s Day and digital romances are blossoming. Across the world, lonely hearts are opening up to virtual lovers. But their secrets aren’t as safe as they may seem. According to a new analys..

Dutch fintech leader Finom nets €50M to boost digital banking for SMEs

Dutch fintech Finom has raised €50mn, which the startup will use to boost its digital banking services. Founded in 2019, the Amsterdam-based business operates a pan-European neobank for SMEs and entre..

Why is Venus so inhospitable? ESA launches new mission to find out

The European Space Agency (ESA) has embarked on a new mission to explore our closest planetary neighbour Venus in unprecedented detail.  Known as EnVision, the spacecraft will study Venus from the pla..

ESA embarks on world-first mission to detect ripples in the fabric of space-time

The European Space Agency (ESA) has approved the Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (LISA) mission, the first scientific endeavour to detect and study cosmic ripples from space.  The launch of LISA is..

Apple begrudgingly allows EU customers to use rival app stores on iPhone

Apple will allow EU-based users of its devices to download apps without going through its app store, as the tech giant reluctantly moves to comply with the bloc’s incoming Digital Markets Act (DMA).  ..

The UK is exploring vertiport designs for air taxis

Britain’s aviation regulator is investigating “vertiport” designs as part of plans to bring flying taxis to the UK. The new consultation will lay the foundations for vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL..

The US hosted 109 orbital launches in 2023. Europe managed just 3

A world record of 210 successful orbital launches was set in 2023, but Europe has slipped further behind the global leaders. The continent contributed just three of the year’s launches — its lowest to..

US-China chip war leads to restrictions on ASML exports

Following an order by the Dutch government, ASML — the world’s leading manufacturer of high-end chipmaking equipment — will curb shipments of two of its machines to China. Specifically, the government..

What European fintech has in store for 2024

This year was challenging for the financial technology, or fintech, sector. Interest rates rose and funding fell, continuing the shift in focus from growth to profitability.   But what does 2024 have ..

Cybersecurity guru Mikko Hyppönen’s 5 most fearsome AI threats for 2024

Mikko Hyppönen has spent decades on the frontlines of the fight against malware. The 54-year-old has vanquished some of the world’s most destructive computer worms,

The technologies set to drive medtech innovation in 2024

Recent technological advances are transforming the medtech sector. European companies and research institutions are working on solutions aimed at improving our knowledge and response to genetics, dise..

The 3 key trends for global talent mobility in 2024

As the world becomes increasingly globalised, maintaining compliance while embracing global mobility will be the key to retaining talent as we move into 2024. This is according to Hanna Asmussen, CEO ..

After a year of breathless hype, AI will face reality in 2024

Artificial intelligence went mainstream in 2023. The watershed moment arrived at the end of the previous year, with the November 30 release of ChatGPT. Just two months later, the OpenAI system was rea..

Meet Finn — bunq’s new GenAI chatbot

Today, Dutch neobank bunq launched its generative AI platform — Finn. Running on open large language models (LLMs) from OpenAI and Meta, the new chatbot function is designed to help users plan their f..

TomTom and Microsoft develop in-vehicle AI voice assistant

Digital maps and location tech specialist TomTom has partnered up with Microsoft to develop an AI voice assistant for vehicles. According to the Netherlands-based company, the automotive assistant ena..

Tech to transform human-machine interaction with brain data wins €30M

German-Dutch startup Zander Laboratories has secured €30mn in funding from Germany’s Cyber Agency to transform the interaction between humans and machines. Notably, this is the largest single-financed..

These will be the hottest jobs in European tech in 2024

More money, better benefits, greater flexibility to work when and where they like: Europe’s tech workers, in tandem with their global counterparts, have a laundry list of demands going into 2024. A re..
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Kim Jung Un says military should 'annihilate' US and SKorea if provoked...

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has said his military should “thoroughly annihilate” the United States and South Korea if provoked. State media reported Monday that Kim made the order during a meeting..

‘Lucy Letby has destroyed our lives’ – the family victim statements

Families of Lucy Letby’s baby victims give emotional and harrowing impact statements during sentencingThe families of Lucy Letby’s tiny victims gave emotional and harrowing victim impact statements du..

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