UK quietly dismisses independent AI advisory board, alarming tech sector

The UK government has quietly dismissed the independent advisory board of its Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation (CDEI) — tasked with promoting the responsible deployment of data and AI technologie..

European Central Bank assembles ‘infinity team’ to identify GenAI applications

European Union bureaucracy might not conjure the most exciting of connotations. However, being part of the infinity team surely puts a superhero-esque spin on your average Frankfurt grey high-rise wo…..

What the world’s most powerful laser could do for the UK

In six years time, the UK will house what’s set to become the world’s most powerful laser. According to its developers, it will be “a million, billion, billion times brighter” than the brightest dayli..

EU tells Apple to ‘open gates’ to competitors

After lobbying against it for years, Apple was recently forced to make a change it didn’t want to make. To comply with the EU’s new rules on standardising mobile chargers, the tech giant has ditched i..

JPMorgan’s Chase UK bans crypto transactions amid surge in scams

JPMorgan’s digital bank Chase will restrict all cryptocurrency-related transactions for its customers in the UK, as lenders step up measures to tackle fraud on their networks. Starting 16 October, cus..

Volkswagen cuts EV production as demand falters

In the first two weeks of October, Volkswagen will stop making two of its flagship EV models at a pair of its factories in Germany. The automaker is citing shrinking demand, fuelled by recent cuts to ..

Twitter/X is biggest source of social media disinformation, EU warns

Twitter — or rather, X — is the biggest source of disinformation of all the six major social media networks, an EU-commissioned report has found. The study examined over 6,000 posts and over 4,000 use..

German energy giant tests power-generating kite at new facility in Ireland

German energy giant RWE has put a new airborne wind test facility in Ireland to work for the first time, as it explores alternative forms of green electricity.  The experimental technology was develop..

With Spotify’s ‘Jam’ your whole squad becomes the DJ

Spotify has launched a new feature today called “Jam,” which will give you and your buddies a way to curate a shared playlist and listen to it together in real-time.   Unlike existing multi-playlist f..

Meet the VC on a mission to bridge climate tech’s funding gap

When it comes to saving the world — or, let’s face it, civilisation, the planet will recover — there is no silver bullet. Rather, it is going to take a holistic approach of caring for the Earth and ea..

UK’s new AI principles target ‘pro-innovation’ edge over the EU

Britain has expanded its principles-based approach to AI regulation, which aims to create a pro-innovation edge over the EU. In an announcement yesterday, the UK government unveiled seven new principl..

Europe’s largest solar thermal energy plant opens in Belgium

Dutch packaging and materials manufacturer Avery Dennison has opened what it claims to be Europe’s largest concentrated solar thermal platform and storage unit at its factory in Turnhout, Belgium.   T..

How to apply for a management role when you don’t have management experience

“Should I bother going for this job at all? I’ve never managed anyone.” Clients regularly ask this and my answer tends to be, “Yes, of course you should.” A quick glance at a job spec will tell you wh..

Hydrogen aviation startup ZeroAvia lands largest funding round to date

ZeroAvia, one of the leading zero-emission aviation companies in the world, just announced its largest financing round to date. The funding round was co-led by Airbus, Barclays Sustainable Impact Cap…..

European space startup chooses Indian rocket for Moon mission prototype launch

Europes dawdling on the Ariane 6 is becoming increasingly costly as the new era of space race exploration and exploitation heats up. The Exploration Company, based in Bordeaux and Munich, has just si…..

Only 5% of $22B in VC funding for generative AI went to Europe

European startups got just $1bn of the €22bn that VCs have invested in generative AI since 2019, according to data from Dealroom. Unsurprisingly, American companies attracted the bulk of the money. A ..

NASA and the ESA edge closer to explaining the Sun’s mysterious heat

Two spacecraft have taken a giant leap towards revealing why the Sun’s atmosphere is so damn not. The collaboration between NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) explored an enduring mystery. In th..

Improving driver monitoring systems: The case for synthetic data

Driver monitoring systems (DMS) that assess alertness behind the wheel are rapidly becoming the leading automotive safety feature across the globe. In the EU for example, vehicle safety regulator Euro..

British tech giant Arm rises to $65B valuation after first day of trading

Yesterday we reported that UK chip design company Arm was valued at just above $50bn before going public on the Nasdaq stock exchange. At the end of the day, the share price had jumped by close to 25%..

Linkedim: Lifetime Subscription for $29

Expires December 12, 2023 07:59 PST Buy now and get 91% off KEY FEATURES Create a smart, simple, and friendly link for your social media bio that showcas..
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