Thanks to OpenAI, Microsoft is beating Google in the artificial intelligence game

Microsoft appears to be on the cusp of being something it hasnt been in a long time: cutting-edge. Its a label the company lost a long time ago after a series of small startups grew to become Microso…..

Facebook has lifted its ban on former President Donald Trump

Meta is letting its most controversial user former President Donald Trump back on Facebook and Instagram. Facebook and Instagram, along with Twitter, YouTube, and Snap, suspended Trump after the for…..

The Department of Justice sues Google for antitrust violations over its ads, again

The Justice Department and eight states are suing Google over its digital ad business, accusing the company of using its dominance in the market to harm competitors and force ad buyers and sellers to…..

Microsoft invested billions in OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT and Dall-E

Microsoft revealed last week that it will lay off 10,000 people throughout 2023. But dont think that means the company is having money problems. On Monday, the company announced that its investing bi…..

Reed Hastings steps down as Netflix co-CEO, replaced by Greg Peters

Reed Hastings has been in charge of Netflix since he co-founded the company, which originally shipped DVDs by mail, in 1997. Now Netflix has more than 230 million customers around the world, dominate…..

Inside Amazon’s layoffs and the battle for the tech giant’s future

For years, it seemed as though nothing could stop Amazons explosive growth and success. Even a pandemic couldnt slow it down: In fact, in early 2021, the tech and retail giant reported its largest qu…..

Pete Buttigieg, the FAA, and the new politics of planes

Before any flight takes off, pilots are supposed to read a Notice to Air Missions (NOTAM) that outlines any potential safety problems they might encounter during their flight. Full of numerical codes…..

The San Francisco Bay Area is winning back workers after pandemic exodus

Unsurprisingly, people are still moving to Austin, Texas. More surprisingly, people are also moving to San Francisco. Over the last 12 months, San Francisco has seen the second-biggest worker popula…..

The US government’s TikTok bans, explained

The act of scrolling through your For You feed on TikTok might come with an additional sense of impending doom these days. After years of hand-wringing over the enormously popular apps ties to China …..

Tesla, electric pickups, and the future of driving

The world around us was built to cater to gas-powered cars. Tank trucks carrying thousands of gallons of fuel are a near-ubiquitous presence on the highway. Auto repair shops are stocked with drain p…..

What Meta employees think about the company after layoffs, falling stock prices

At the opening of Metas last company-wide Q&A of 2022, Mark Zuckerberg sounded disappointed but determined. We made our plan for 22 in terms of how we thought the business was going to go, and o…..

SpaceX’s Starlink to Amazon’s Project Kuiper: The future of satellite internet

Space internet has the reputation for slow service. With its questionable signal strength and hardly Netflix-friendly bandwidth, the internet thats beamed down from low-Earth orbit is the kind of thi…..

What the Federal Trade Commission’s move to ban noncompetes could mean for the US workforce

Federal Trade Commission chair Lina Khan is ringing in the new year with another step in her effort to reinterpret or reapply the agencys rules to stop what she sees as systemic anti-labor and anti-c…..

ChatGPT, Lensa, Stable Diffusion, and DALL-E: Generative AI, explained

Artificial intelligence is suddenly everywhere or at least, thats what it seems like to me: A few weeks ago, a friend mentioned in passing that his law professor had warned students not to cheat with…..

Netflix, HBO, and Disney profits show the streaming boom is over

Heres a standard streaming TV joke/complaint: There are so many different services that someone should just put them all together, and then youd just pay one monthly fee for everything. You know, jus…..

Future Perfect’s forecasts for 2023 — Covid, Putin, inflation, and more

This will be the fourth year in a row that the staff of Future Perfect has given itself the task of trying to predict, well, the future. Its in the name of the section, but forecasting is something t…..

Amazon, Google, and Meta’s big bets didn’t pay off in 2022

This was not a great year for Big Tech. In 2022, the economy slumped, stocks fell, inflation skyrocketed, and belts tightened. Silicon Valley was one of the hardest-hit places, partly because some of…..

TikTok bans mean a Gen Z reckoning for politicians

Among the many items tucked away in the $1.7 trillion spending bill Congress is working to pass to fund the government next year is a small victory for enemies of TikTok: Users of government-owned ph…..

Amazon’s big antitrust concession in EU may not be a concession at all

Amazon avoided a potential massive multibillion-dollar fine this week when it agreed to make a series of changes to its shopping site and business practices in Europe that regulators hope will help l…..

Teslas, Biden, and the future of electric vehicles in 2022

Critics have long dismissed electric vehicles as overly expensive, inconvenient, and unrealistic. But 2022 didnt hear them. This year has seen record sales for EVs, and there is now billions in new f…..

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£1m paid to Octopus Energy customers as part of power saving scheme

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