How Google, Microsoft, and Adobe are trying to stop AI from flooding the internet with garbage

On May 22, a fake photo of an explosion at the Pentagon caused chaos online. Within a matter of minutes of being posted, the realistic-looking image spread on Twitter and other social media networks…..

Why figures like OpenAI’s Sam Altman are actively worried about AI

At an international defense conference in London this week, Col. Tucker Hamilton, the chief of AI test and operations for the US Air Force, told a funny and terrifying story about military AI develop…..

Why there are so many apps installed on your phone that you never use but don’t delete

From airlines and hotels to doctors and dentists, it feels like every business has an app they want consumers to use. They think they’re getting data and loyalty out of it, but in a lot of cases, is i..

Location sharing: Should we know where our friends are at all times?

A few months ago, sick with a cold on a Saturday morning, feeling miserable about the fact that I was stuck at home alone for the weekend, I checked Find My Friends. Its an app that comes standard on…..

Why Ron DeSantis and Tucker Carlson love Elon Musk and Twitter

Elon Musk has long claimed he wants Twitter to be a digital town square open to debate from all aspects of the political spectrum. For Twitter to deserve public trust it must be politically neutral…..

Can you safely build something that may kill you?

AI will probably most likely lead to the end of the world, but in the meantime, therell be great companies, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman once said. He was joking. Probably. Mostly. Its a little hard to tell…..

Roku, Tubi, and Pluto: How do you watch TV for free? FAST wants to reach you

I was looking for Night Court, for research purposes. Not the new version; the original, which went off the air in 1992. Much to my surprise, I found all nine seasons on a streaming app that Id never…..

CNN and the Messenger bet on Americans wanting unbiased news

Item 1: Last week, the Messenger, a news operation run by the team that built and sold the Hill, launched to plenty of jeers from critics, while inside the company, staff complained that the site was…..

Elon Musk keeps tweeting conspiracy theories despite Twitter advertiser worries

Despite criticism for continuing to engage with conspiracy theories, Elon Musk is posting through it. In the past five days, Musk has doubled down on a conspiracy theory about the Allen, Texas, shoo…..

Why Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom is building Artifact, a new kind of social media app

Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom thinks that the social media industry is ready for something new. Major social media platforms have become better than ever at capturing our attention by optimizin…..

Meta layoffs 2023: The next round will possibly affect about 6,000 employees

Meta is going to start laying off employees next week in its latest round of mass cuts, the companys executives announced in a Q&A with employees on Thursday. While Mark Zuckerberg had previous…..

The Supreme Court decides not to break the internet in its Twitter and Google decisions

The Supreme Court handed down two high-stakes tech decisions on Thursday cases that, if handled ineptly, could have destroyed much of the internet and subjected social media companies to devastating …..

Why did Montana ban TikTok?

On Wednesday, Montana became the first state in the United States to ban TikTok, amid concerns lawmakers have raised over its parent companys relationship with the Chinese government. The move whic…..

Remote work is just one of many problems for office buildings

The so-called return to the office has been underway for a while now, and its a bit of a mess. Sure, more people are going to the office more often than they were a year ago, but were still eons away…..

Elon Musk says he’ll step down as Twitter CEO. He hasn’t named a replacement.

Elon Musk just announced that, in six weeks, hes stepping down as the CEO of Twitter. But if you think that means the Elon-Twitter story is over, dont hold your breath. Musk announced on Thursday th…..

Google and Microsoft are moving fast on AI. Washington is not.

Joe Biden has used ChatGPT, and hes reportedly fascinated by it. That makes him a lot like most of us, who have marveled over generative AIsability to create words, images, audio, and video from simp…..

The financial logic behind Tucker Carlson’s move to Twitter

Okay. We still dont know why Tucker Carlson is out at Fox* but we know where hes going. Hes setting up shop at Twitter, cheered on by Elon Musk. Next question: Can he make money there? To be clear…..

Google is putting AI in search

Five months ago, a small San Francisco startup called OpenAI upended the tech industry and the rest of the world when it released ChatGPT. The app showed millions of people the immense capabilities o…..

AI shouldn’t overshadow causes like malaria and poverty

How do you do the most good in the world? A few years ago, my colleague Dylan Matthews wrote about an effective-altruism-inspired framework for answering that question: importance, neglectedness, a…..

Meta is quietly running the AI race with ChatGPT and Google

At a high-profile White House summit on AI last Thursday, CEOs from some of the most important technology companies in the world sat together in a rare joint meeting. Vice President Kamala Harris and…..

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