Apple and Google have made phones the key to your digital life. Here’s what to do if you lose it.

The night before I was supposed to go on a long and well-deserved vacation, something very, very bad happened: I lost my phone. I had a friend over and, I decided, he must have accidentally taken my …..

Instagram harms kids and Meta knows it, new whistleblower says

Theres a new Meta whistleblower in town: Arturo Béjar, a longtime employee who came forward to the Wall Street Journal last week to accuse the social media giant of knowing, through its own research,…..

Sam Bankman-Fried FTX trial: Former billionaire guilty of fraud

After just a few hours of deliberation, a New York jury on Thursday convicted Sam Bankman-Fried of fraud and conspiracy in the public flameout of his cryptocurrency exchange FTX, which stands accused…..

The Supreme Court seems stumped by two cases about free speech on Twitter and Facebook

A pair of Supreme Court cases asking what limits the First Amendment places on government officials who use social media seemed to perplex the justices on Tuesday. The arguments in OConnor-Ratcliff v…..

President Biden’s new safe AI executive order, explained

Since the widespread release of generative AI systems like ChatGPT, theres been an increasingly loud call to regulate them, given how powerful, transformative, and potentially dangerous the technolog…..

Israel-Hamas war: Why people discussing Palestine on Instagram and TikTok believe they’re being shadowbanned

Algospeak is an evasion tactic for automated moderation on social media, where users create new words to use in place of keywords that might get picked up by AI-powered filters. People might refer to…..

Supreme Court must decide if it wants to own Twitter

The Twitter Wars have arrived at the Supreme Court. On Halloween, the Supreme Court will hear the firsttwo in a series of five cases the justices plan to decide in their current term that ask what t…..

Elon Musk didn’t kill Twitter

Twitter is a disaster. But you know that already. Why is Twitter a disaster? You probably think you know that, too: The usual suspect is Elon Musk, who has spent the year hes owned Twitter doing…..

The copyright fight over authors and OpenAI’s ChatGPT

Four years ago, I published my first book: End Times: A Brief Guide to the End of the World. It did ... okay? I earned a Q&A with the site youre reading now thanks, Dylan! and the book eventual…..

Why Apple’s weather app isn’t accurate

For the last seven weekends in New York City, it has rained. Never during the week. Never for just an hour. Never not inconvenient. At this point it feels like the inclement weather has gone fully se…..

How artificial intelligence will affect our children’s future

My family is expecting our third child in just a few days. For my part, welcoming a new baby presents an occasion to reflect on the world that Im bringing them into. Ive never agreed with the persp…..

A guide to the EU probe of Israel-Hamas disinformation on Elon Musk’s X

Its no mystery that after buying Twitter, now known as X, Elon Musk has taken steps to weaken the platforms defenses against unchecked amplification of misinformation. In early October, the Israel-Ha…..

Israel-Hamas war misinformation is everywhere online. Here’s how to avoid spreading it.

After Hamas militants launched a surprise attack on Israel on October 7, killing at least 1,000 and taking at least 150 hostages, and Israel declared war against Hamas and retaliated, photographs and…..

How to regulate companies like Amazon, Apple, Google, and Meta in the Big Tech Gilded Age

The 19th century probably isnt the first thing that comes to mind when you hear about Big Techs harms and possible solutions. Its probably not the second either, or even 50th. But in his forthcoming …..

Dune is streaming on Netflix and Max because the streaming wars are over

Would you like to watch Dune, the big, sweeping sci-fi epic, starring Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya? If so, you can head over to Netflix, which started streaming the 2021 movie this week. Then agai…..

Why the FCC fined Dish Network $150,000 for space trash

We are surrounded by trash, and the Federal Communications Commission is trying to do something about it. Since were talking about the FCC, which regulates communications and airwaves, were not talk…..

Amazon antitrust case: 9 questions about the FTC’s lawsuit

The Big Techantitrust reform movement has come for Amazon. On September 26, the Federal Trade Commission and 17 states sued the Everything Store for illegally maintaining monopoly power. This comes a…..

Twitter’s CEO Linda Yaccarino talks about working for Elon Musk at the Code Conference

Linda Yaccarino is angry. Not at Elon Musk, the man who hired her to be the CEO of Twitter, the company he subsequently renamed X. Yaccarino says hes a brilliant leader who is turning his company in…..

Biden’s FCC wants to bring back net neutrality

Five years after net neutralitys (temporary) demise, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is set to fulfill the Biden administrations vision of re-implementing the Obama-era policy. That means…..

Amazon is being sued by the Biden administration’s FTC over antitrust violations

The Federal Trade Commission thinks the Everything Store is an illegal monopoly, and its suing the company to stop it. In its lawsuit filed on Tuesday, the antitrust agency, joined by 17 states, ac…..

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Amazon Allies With Meta For Shopping Via Instagram, Facebook

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