Meet the Titans, DC Comics' New Justice League

For years, the Titans have been one of those superhero teams that DC Comics hasn’t entirely known what to do with. The members who’ve defined the superhero team have mainly been locked off to other te..

Paizo Isn't Backing Down from Creating Its Universal RPG License

The story of Dungeons and Dragons’ Open Gaming License (OGL) has been nothing short of a saga throughout the month of January. That change made by the game’s publisher Wizards of the Coast resulted in..

Amazon Wants to Make Lara Croft Into a Tomb Raider Universe

Yesterday, the news broke that Phoebe Waller-Bridge was creating a TV adaptation for Crystal Dynamics’ long-running Tomb Runner franchise for Prime Video. On its own, that information wouldn’t be terr..

Here Are Yelp's Top 100 U.S. Restaurants This Year

Yelp released this year’s Top 100 U.S. Restaurants list according to user’s ratings. We’re not going to lie—we’re a little shocked one city near and dear to us didn’t have a single restaurant on this ..

7 Ways the Hive Ransomware Gang Caused Mayhem Before It Got Pwned by the FBI

Via a sophisticated “cyber stakeout,” the FBI pwned Hive, one of the most prolific and dangerous ransomware gangs on the web. While little is known about who is behind Hive or where the gang’s core me..

11 of the Sleaziest Snake Oil Ads From Trump's Truth Social

Former President Donald Trump is reportedly planning to abandon Truth Social, the destitute social media platform he created after Twitter and Facebook kicked him off their sites. But in recent months..

All the Magical Disneyland Concept Art Showcased at the Disney100 Gallery

The Disney100 celebrations have officially begun at the Disneyland Resort, with festivities and new attraction Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway kicking off the experiences. Disney Parks invited io9..

Build New Stories With These Games, Systems, and Engines

If you’re into tabletop games, you’ve probably heard a lot about Dungeons & Dragons lately. After io9 leaked the draft of D&D’s new Open Gaming License, the fandom immediately pushed back and forced W..

Cowboy Bebop Creator Shinichiro Watanabe Has Thoughts on the Live-Action Version

Shinichiro Watanabe is responsible for making the coolest anime of all time—so cool, in fact, it’s been regularly airing on Adult Swim for the last two decades, and is still being watched. It’s a test..

Amazon Fresh to Start Charging Delivery Fees on Grocery Orders Under $150

Amazon Prime members who use Amazon Fresh, the company’s grocery delivery service, will soon be shelling out more for their standard shipments. The company is set to start charging delivery fees on al..

Oxytocin's Reputation as the 'Love Hormone' Might Be Overrated

New research Friday might complicate the perception of oxytocin as the so-called “love hormone.” Scientists have found that prairie voles that were genetically bred without oxytocin receptors can stil..

Phoebe Waller-Bridge Is Making a Tomb Raider TV Show for Amazon

Some things belong in a museum, some things in the resume of Fleabag icon Phoebe Waller-Bridge. Or at least, so the writer-actress believes, as she’s whipping from one treasure-seeking adventure franc..

Relatable: Marie Kondo Gives Up

The year was 2019 and the world was gripped with a need to neaten. The premiere of Tidying Up With Marie Kondo on Netflix inspired a wave of home organizing and de-cluttering so rabid that thrift stor..

Dungeons & Dragons Will No Longer Deauthorize Its Open Game License

Dungeons & Dragons announced today that they will no longer be pursuing deauthorization of the Open Gaming License 1.0a, abandoning plans previously stated in the drafted OGL 1.2. This statement comes..

Dungeons & Dragons Has Burned Up All the Goodwill

As fans of tabletop roleplaying games debate over what to do about Wizards of the Coast’s new draft of the Open Gaming License for Dungeons & Dragons, the lack of goodwill might be thing that drives t..

What Is Carbon Capture? With Gizmodo’s Molly Taft | Techmodo

Gizmodos climate expert Molly Taft explains the potential (and pitfalls) of carbon capture technology. We may earn a commission from links on this page..

16 Fun (and Sometimes False) Facts We Learned About the Making of Willow

Screenshot: Lucasfilm Anyone who watched Lucasfilm’s new Disney+ show Willow won’t be surprised by this next sentence. The behind-the-scenes documentary, Willow: Behind the Magic, is only half-seriou..

Twitter Is Making Font Adjustments Again

It’s subtle, but if you look hard enough, the difference is there: in the curve at the base of the lowercase L’s, the serifs on the uppercase I’s, and the slash through the zeros. Twitter has made som..

Kamen Rider Kuuga Manga's English Translation Got Worse Between Previews and Release

Translating media from one language into another is always going to be a fraught process—from trying to retain a style and nuance between dialogue, to navigating fanbases that often perceive any kind ..

FBI Reportedly Investigates Fentanyl Distribution on Snapchat

Investigators are looking into Snapchat’s alleged role in fentanyl-laced pills being distributed through the popular video and messaging app. Bloomberg is reporting that the FBI and Justice Department..

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