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China’s Nio joins the race for lithium, buys 12% of Australia’s Greenwing Resources

China’s electric vehicle upstart Nio has joined Tesla in sourcing raw materials directly from mines rather than its own battery suppliers as soaring prices of lithium, a critical component of EV batte..

17 EV Models Have EPA Combined Rating of 100+ MPGe in Model Year 2022

For Model Year 2022 (MY 2022), 17 electric vehicle (EV) models achieved 100 miles per gallon equivalent (MPGe) or higher. MPGe is a unit of measure used by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to..

Fiat’s UK Retailers Are Holding Their Fourth Annual EV Education Event

Shopping for EVs at car dealers can be a frustrating experience. If you know a lot about EVs, you’ll probably find that you know more about the car for sale than the people tasked with selling it to y..

Investors bank on China’s alternatives to Nvidia’s auto chips

In China, a crop of homegrown chip companies has popped up as Beijing strives to decouple from America’s advanced technology and manage sanctions risks, which have crippled Huawei’s lucrative smartpho..

GM Banks On Honking Big Electric Vehicles In First-Ever Propulsion Do-Over

If there are any more doubts that electric vehicles are here to stay, GM has laid them to rest. The automaker has just announced its first-ever retooling of one of its propulsion facilities to make th..

EVgo Continues Expansion By Partnering With WinCo Foods In Several States

This year, EVgo has had a lot of good news going for it, especially when it comes to partnerships. EVgo debuted its Trekkie side in July at one station expansion, when it opened a new station on Vulc..
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Tesla’s Gigafactory in Berlin had a cardboard fire

Tesla’s dealing with the aftermath of a fire on the grounds of its Gigafactory in Berlin early this morning. According to local reporting, Tesla’s factory fire brigade called for the assistance of loc..

Tesla Full Self Driving Beta: FSD Beta 10.69 Latest Observations

After 79 days without it, we recently regained access to Tesla FSD Beta (V10.69), along with Tesla’s latest software version, 2022. 20.15. A week later we got the download for version 2022.20.17. For ..

Tesla Passes 10,000 Model Ys Produced At Texas Gigafactory

Elon Musk has an ambitious goal for 2030 for Tesla. He wants the US automaker to be producing 20 million vehicles a year by the end of 2030. For some context, Tesla’s current production and delivery ..

Tesla Community To Convene For 1st-Ever “TeslaCon” Event In Sunny Florida

Tesla Owners Florida, in partnership with Tesla and The Electrified Garage, invites the Tesla community to attend TeslaCon Florida 2022. A weekend of fun on the Florida Space Coast with celebrity gues..

Tesla BEV Market Share Dropped from 25.1% in Q2 2020 to 15.6% in Q2 2022 — While Sales Grew 180.2%

“Troy Teslike” tracks Tesla data like no one else I know. In the past day, he published an interesting 2½ year breakdown. The table, below, shows how Tesla’s share of major BEV markets has declined in..

Volkswagen Introduces GEN.TRAVEL, A Self-Driving Innovation Experience Vehicle

Volkswagen has taken the wraps off its latest concept vehicle. Named GEN.TRAVEL, it is a battery electric “Level 5” autonomous device that the company describes as an Innovation Experience Vehicle. Th..

Tesla AI Day 2022 — What To Expect

Tesla’s AI Day 2022 is coming up quickly, and investors and fans alike are wondering what the event may hold. From the latest technology in its cars to upcoming projects — such as the Optimus robot, e..

Will Tesla Create An “Ecological Paradise” At Giga Texas?

Elon Musk confirmed this week that expansion plans at Tesla Gigafactory Texas will allow for more green space that may evolve into a kind of “ecological paradise.” The revised application added 12 acr..

The Really Big Battery Deal In The IRA That People Are Missing

When it comes to electric vehicles and the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, almost all of the discussion has been around the consumer tax credit for buying an electric vehicle, including the interesti..

Tesla Is Countersuing a Civil Rights Agency in the Company's Latest Racism Court Battle

Tesla filed a countersuit against the California Civil Rights Department (formerly the Department of Fair Employment and Housing) this week. The action comes in response to the state agency’s ongoing ..

Tesla countersues civil rights agency behind racial bias suit

Tesla couldn’t get a judge to dismiss a case alleging racial bias at the automaker’s Fremont factory last month, so the automaker is now countersuing the agency responsible instead. The luxury electr..

Maggie — The Tesla-Powered Camper Van

You may remember the series of how the first electric VW camper van from eDub Services came to be. It was not an easy task, but like with all new endeavors, it takes practice to get better. Meet Maggi..

What’s Up With Tesla Wait Times In China?

Supplementing the article below, note the following comment from José Pontes in his latest China EV sales report (which he publishes monthly). In this comment, aside from references to EV sales standi..

China Electric Car Sales — 30% Share Of Auto Sales In August!

Plugin vehicles continue to be all the rage in the Chinese auto market. Plugins stayed in the fast lane in July, growing 92% year over year (YoY). They scored over 552,000 registrations last month. Pl..

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