Dwight School London Partners With Zeelo To Become First Independent School In The UK To Adopt A New Electric Bus Service

Dwight School London has become the first independent school in the United Kingdom to adopt a new electric bus service for its students. Dwight School London has partnered with smart bus service platf..

How The UN Xinjiang Report Will Impact The Cleantech Industry (Part 2)

In Part 1, I gave readers some very quick historical background on how the situation in Xinjiang came to be, and what the UN Human Rights office found in its investigation into the human rights violat..

Cox Automotive Set to Cut Fleet Carbon Emissions in Half

As the auto industry shifts everything to electric, everywhere, a knowledge gap between those who understand EVs and those who don’t is quickly beginning to show itself as a major obstacle towards wid..

EV Rental Company UFODrive Has — FINALLY — Arrived!

European car rental service UFODrive has been busy of late, expanding into new markets across the EU — and now, the company is ready to conquer America with the same “reinvented” rental experience tha..

How We Can Give People The Range They Want Without Depleting Battery Supplies

A piece by my colleague Carolyn Fortuna earlier this month got me to thinking about how we can solve a huge conundrum in the EV industry. On the one hand, people want range. Like in Texas, we America..

Shareholders: You Make A Difference In A Company’s Environmental Responsibility

How do investors persuade a company to use fewer chemicals, set zero emissions goals, or enhance workers’ rights at factories in its supply chain? Selling shares of a company is certainly an option, b..

Another Big Ebusco Sale Shows How Far Behind The US Is About Electric Buses

We’ve covered quite a few stories of electric bus sales, but the number of them vary. Many smaller US transit agencies buy one or two electric buses, to dip their toes in the water. Larger agencies, o..

Electric Cars, EV Charging, The Grid, Technology, & The Future

Phew, that’s a really long title, huh? But it has to be, because the topic is really big and it affects pretty much everyone who uses electricity or drives a car. That would be most of us. You may not..

17 EV Models Have EPA Combined Rating of 100+ MPGe in Model Year 2022

For Model Year 2022 (MY 2022), 17 electric vehicle (EV) models achieved 100 miles per gallon equivalent (MPGe) or higher. MPGe is a unit of measure used by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to..

Fiat’s UK Retailers Are Holding Their Fourth Annual EV Education Event

Shopping for EVs at car dealers can be a frustrating experience. If you know a lot about EVs, you’ll probably find that you know more about the car for sale than the people tasked with selling it to y..

Pendragon In Advanced Discussions With BYD To Act As Lead Launch Partner In The UK

Pendragon, one of the largest automotive retail brands in the United Kingdom, is in advanced discussions with BYD to be the UK lead launch partner. Founded in 1989 following the de-merger of Williams ..

Finished With That Lush Lawn? Here Are Green Yard Choices For The Environment

Think of a lawn as a blank canvas. In this new era of climate consciousness, no longer is a lush lawn mandatory. You can convert that cultural status symbol into the best yard on the block — even with..

An Open Letter To Designers & Manufacturers Of Portable Power Stations

In recent years there has been a huge rise in the demand and types of portable battery storage systems available to consumers. This has brought an industry that practically did not exist 10 years ago ..

Florida Women Think They’re Interesting Enough For Drones To Spy On Them

New technologies always bring out skepticism in people, and among the particularly ignorant, it brings out paranoia, hatred, and violence. Few know this better than Tesla owners, especially those who’..

South Africa’s Eskom Announces New Partnership For Developing A Renewable Energy Training Facility

South Africa’s power utility company Eskom has announced a new partnership with the Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet (GEAPP) and the South African Renewable Energy Technology Centre (SARET..

Electric Vehicle Good, E-Bike Better, Cargo E-Bike Even Better

“One bike that can do almost anything – commutes, trips to the store, daycare drop-off, leisure rides, and more.” So says the e-bike maker CERO, which recently unleashed its CERO One cargo e-bike to t..

Rheem Releases 120V Plug-In Heat Pump Water Heater That Can Be Plugged Into Typical Outlet

Last fall I wrote about how 120 volt heat pump water heaters were just about to come out on the market. Well, they’re finally here! Rheem released its 120V ProTerra(R) Plug-in Heat Pump water heater (..

Energy Dome To Partner With Ørsted For Energy Storage

In June, we introduced our readers to Energy Dome, a company that uses carbon dioxide as an energy storage medium. (The irony of using carbon dioxide to help solve the problem of too much carbon dioxi..

US Gas Price Drops Have Stalled, & Could Be On The Way Up Again

Earlier this year, when gas prices went to record levels, it was hard to get ahold of an EV of any kind at dealers. People realized that oil companies had them by the shorts, and you can only adjust y..

Project Agreements For 420 MW Of Onshore Wind Signed This Week In South Africa

The first 3 project agreements of South Africa’s 5th Bid Window of the Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme (REIPPPP Bid Window 5) have been signed. South Africa’s REIPPPP..

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