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The weekend’s best deals: Apple computers, Kindles, 4K TVs, charging cables, and more.

0 with 0 posters participating Another weekend, another Dealmaster. In this week's roundup of the best tech deals on the web, we have deals on a range of Apple computersdesktops and laptops alike. C…..
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Annual? Bivalent? For all? Future of COVID shots murky after FDA deliberations

Enlarge/ Dr. Peter Marks, director of the Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research within the Food and Drug Administration, testifies during a Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Commit…..
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How to fix GoldenEye 007’s control issues on the Nintendo Switch [Updated]

Enlarge/ Screenshots you can hear. 13 with 0 posters participating Update (5:35 ET pm): As user Cuesport77 points out on Reddit, Nintendo offers a system-level button remapping function that can ge…..
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D&D maker retreats from attempts to update longstanding “open” license

Enlarge/ Artist's conception of D&D fans holding back WotC's attempts to change the game's license. 25 with 0 posters participating Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) owner Wizards of the Coast (…..
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Bird study links spatial thinking with not getting eaten

0 with 0 posters participating It's pretty easy to link humans' intelligence to our success as a species. Things like agriculture, building cities, and surviving in harsh environments require a larg…..
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#GermanyRIP. Kremlin-loyal hacktivists wage DDoSes to retaliate for tank aid

Enlarge/ An iteration of what happens when your site gets shut down by a DDoS attack. 2 with 0 posters participating Threat actors loyal to the Kremlin have stepped up attacks in support of its inv…..
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Prenda Law lawyer loses attempt to file more piracy lawsuits from prison

2 with 0 posters participating Paul Hansmeier, who is serving a 14-year prison sentence for filing sham copyright infringement lawsuits and extorting money from victims, has lost an attempt to enfor…..
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This mutant Venus flytrap mysteriously lost its ability to “count” to 5

2 with 0 posters participating Comparing stimulation of a Venus flytrap and the mutant DYSC. Credit: Ines Kreuzer, Rainer Hedrich, Soenke Scherzer Comparing stimulation of a Venus flytrap and the m…..
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Computer-generated handwriting demo offers deepfakes for scrawl

Enlarge/ An example of computer-synthesized handwriting generated by 10 with 0 posters participating Thanks to a free web app called, anyone can simulate handwritin…..
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Smartphone sales see largest-ever decline this quarter

Enlarge/ An empty Samsung Store. 2 with 0 posters participating With a million layoffs and rising inflation, it turns out consumers also aren't interested in spending a ton on a new smartphone. Th…..
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Antibiotic resistance induced by the widespread use of… antidepressants?

19 with 0 posters participating Jianhua Guo is a professor at the Australian Centre for Water and Environmental Biotechnology. His research focuses on removing contaminants from wastewater and the e…..
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Do mechanical keyboards really need arrow keys?

Enlarge/ A recent keyboard announcement explores a space-saving alternative to dedicated arrow buttons. 5 with 0 posters participating Which keys are absolutely essential to a keyboard? Many will …..
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Rocket Lab’s first US launch: Big for the company and the site

1 with 0 posters participating Off in the southwest, the last colors of sunset lit up the rim of the sky, as a crescent Moon and two planets lined up above. It was a gorgeous scene, but one that eve…..
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Poop on planes may help CDC probe international pathways of pathogens

Enlarge/ A bathroom on an Airbus A321neo. 7 with 0 posters participating The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is considering blending sewage sampling from airplanes into its wastewater…..
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DirecTV dumps Newsmax instead of paying new fee, drawing Republican outrage

0 with 0 posters participating Newsmax is no longer on DirecTV, as the satellite video provider today said it decided not to renew an expiring deal because of Newsmax's money demands. "On multiple …..
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Samsung’s new touch tech enables thinner, lighter OLED laptops

Enlarge/ A concept laptop with Samsung Display's new 16-inch OLED touchscreen. 1 with 0 posters participating As plenty of laptop makers proved at CES earlier this month, there will be plenty of OL…..
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Entry-level M2 Pro MacBook Pros have slower SSD performance than M1 versions

Enlarge/ The 14- and 16-inch M2 MacBook Pros. 1 with 0 posters participating In our review of Apple's new M2 MacBook Pros, our testing showed that the laptops' internal storage speeds were higher t…..
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NASA will join a military program to develop nuclear thermal propulsion

Enlarge/ Artist concept of Demonstration for Rocket to Agile Cislunar Operations (DRACO) spacecraft. 8 with 0 posters participating Nearly three years ago, the US Defense Advanced Research Projects…..
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Manchin writes bill to stop temporary electric vehicle tax credits

Enlarge/ "The IRA and the EV tax credits must be implemented according to the Congressional intent to ensure the United States, as the superpower of the world, is not beholden to countries that dont …..
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Researchers look a dinosaur in its remarkably preserved face

3 with 0 posters participating Borealopelta mitchelli found its way back into the sunlight in 2017, millions of years after it had died. This armored dinosaur is so magnificently preserved that we c…..

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