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Pandemic lessons: More health workers, less faxing—an Ars Frontiers recap

5 with Our panel on pandemic lessons included Dr. Jennifer Nuzzo (center) and Dr. Caitlin Rivers (right). In many ways, modern advancements stole the show in the COVID-19 pandemic. With unpreceden…..
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Google’s Android and Chrome extensions are a very sad place. Here’s why

8 with No wonder Google is having trouble keeping up with policing its app store. Since Monday, researchers have reported that hundreds of Android apps and Chrome extensions with millions of instal…..
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Some Google Pixel Watches are falling apart

Enlarge/ The Pixel Watch. It's a round little pebble. 5 with Here's one of the improvements Google might want to look into for the Pixel Watch 2: better glue. Android Police spotted a few reports…..
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YouTube now allows videos that falsely claim Trump won 2020 election

Enlarge/ A Trump campaign event in Waco, Texas, on Saturday, March 25, 2023. 6 with YouTube on Friday announced a major change in its approach to US election misinformation, saying it will no long…..
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The real culprit behind the 1871 vandalism of the Paleozoic Museum in Central Park

Enlarge/ Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins' studio at the Central Park Arsenal in New York City, with models of extinct animals. 6 with The original plans for New York City's Central Park included a Pal…..
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Why EA Sports and Nike think gaming NFTs can really work this time

Enlarge/ You could soon be able to wear this kind of NFT sneaker in future EA Sports titles. 59 with After a lot of hype from game makers in 2021, big publishers have been relatively quiet on the …..
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Air Force denies running simulation where AI drone “killed” its operator

Enlarge/ An armed unmanned aerial vehicle on runway, but orange. 64 with Over the past 24 hours, several news outlets reported a now-retracted story claiming that the US Air Force had run a simula…..
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Woman with untreated TB finally in custody—held in “negative pressure” room

Enlarge/Mycobacterium tuberculosis. 15 with Law enforcement officials in Washington state have finally apprehended a Tacoma woman with tuberculosis who has refused treatment and isolation for over…..
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MS Paint gets its long-promised dark mode, along with other improvements

Enlarge/ Paint's long-promised dark mode is now available to Windows Insiders. 1 with In the summer of 2021, Microsofts efforts to redesign its software for the Windows 11 era were just kicking in…..
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The “death of self-driving cars” has been greatly exaggerated

Enlarge/ The latest iteration of Waymo's self-driving technology is based on the Jaguar I-PACE. 5 with Seven years ago, hype about self-driving cars was off the charts. It wasnt just Tesla CEO Elo…..
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6 monitor and TV innovations remind us that trade shows still exist

Enlarge/ Samsung Display imagines its unfurling screen embodying future portable monitors. 12 with Believe it or not, technology trade shows are a thing in 2023. There are huge exceptions, like t…..
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Researchers tell owners to “assume compromise” of unpatched Zyxel firewalls

0 with Firewalls made by Zyxel are being wrangled into a destructive botnet, which is taking control of them by exploiting a recently patched vulnerability with a severity rating of 9.8 out of a po…..
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AI-expanded album cover artworks go viral thanks to Photoshop’s Generative Fill

Enlarge/ An AI-expanded version of a famous album cover involving four lads and a certain road created using Adobe Generative Fill. 7 with Over the weekend, AI-powered makeovers of famous music al…..
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Critical Barracuda 0-day was used to backdoor networks for 8 months

0 with A critical vulnerability patched 10 days ago in widely used email software from IT security company Barracuda Networks has been under active exploitation since October. The vulnerability has…..
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mRNA technology for vaccines and more: An Ars Frontiers recap

Enlarge/ On May 22, John Timmer (left) moderated a panel featuring Karin Bok (center) and Nathaniel Wang (right) for the Ars Frontiers 2023 session titled, "Beyond COVID: What Does mRNA Technology Me…..
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Beating the heat: These plant-based iridescent films stay cool in the sun

Enlarge/ A colorful, textured bi-layer film made from plant-based materials cools down when its in the sun. 2 with Summer is almost here, bringing higher temperatures and prompting many of us to c…..
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What to expect at WWDC 2023: Reality Pro, iOS 17, and new MacBooks

Enlarge/ Inside the Steve Jobs Theater building at Apple's headquarters. 1 with Apple's 2023 Worldwide Developer Conference is just a few days awayit kicks off with a keynote on Monday, June 5. Th…..
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Elizabeth Holmes has reported to prison in Texas to start her 11-year sentence

Enlarge/ Elizabeth Holmes, founder of Theranos Inc., center, arrives at Federal Prison Camp Bryan in Bryan, Texas, US, on Tuesday, May 30, 2023. Holmes surrendered to authorities on Tuesday to begin …..
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Lawyer cited 6 fake cases made up by ChatGPT; judge calls it “unprecedented”

33 with A lawyer is in trouble after admitting he used ChatGPT to help write court filings that cited six nonexistent cases invented by the artificial intelligence tool. Lawyer Steven Schwartz of …..

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