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Uber, Grubhub and DoorDash must pay NYC delivery workers an $18 minimum wage

Uber, DoorDash and Grubhub won’t be able to get out of paying minimum wage to their New York City delivery workers after all, following a judge’s decision to reject their bid to skirt the city’s new l..

Ahsoka's Composers Break Down Scoring This Week's Big Cameo

Balancing the need to bring a new but familiar sound to Star Wars while also playing in the footsteps of John Williams’ legendary music for the saga is a challenge for every composer who joins the fra..

The Elder Scrolls: Castles is like Fallout Shelter for Skyrim fans

Bethesda appears to have shadow-dropped (intentionally or not) a new mobile game set in a familiar universe. The Elder Scrolls: Castles is a building management game reminiscent of Fallout Shelter. Th..
Ars Technica

New 0-day in Chrome and Firefox will likely plague other software

3 with A critical zero-day vulnerability Google reported on Wednesday in its Chrome browser is opening the Internet to a new chapter of Groundhog Day. Like a critical zero-day Google disclosed on …..

Epic Games is laying off 16 percent of its workforce and selling Bandcamp

Fortnite maker Epic Games is laying off 16 percent of its staff — or about 830 employees. CEO Tim Sweeney said in an open letter to sent employees that Epic Games has been spending “way more money” ..

Adobe's 'Photoshop on the web' service is now available to all Creative Cloud subscribers

Users will be able to edit, share and receive feedback on their Photoshop projects from anywhere on the web, Adobe announced Wednesday, regardless of whether an Adobe product is installed on their PC ..

The Spotted Lanternfly Has Invaded Illinois, Squash 'em

The Department of Agriculture (DOA) has confirmed that a local sighting of the invasive spotted lanternfly was reported on Sept. 16, marking yet another state it’s migrated to since the colorful insec..

Watch the First 10 Minutes of Blue Beetle for Free on YouTube

Blue Beetle delivered a solid DC superhero adventure with Jaime Reyes origin story, and you can now watch the beginning of the film on YouTube. If you missed Ángel Manuel Sotos Blue Beetle in theate…..

Iran Launches Third Military Satellite to Orbit, Raising Tensions on the Ground

Iran claims it has successfully placed a third imaging satellite in orbit, a move that will likely garner more criticism from the Western world over fears that the Islamic republic is bolstering its b..
Ars Technica

Losing subscribers, Disney+ starts fighting password sharing, too

46 with Like Netflix, Disney+ is getting more stringent about sharing account login information. Disney+'s subscriber agreement already says users can't share account information, but the streaming…..
Ars Technica

Meta launches consumer AI chatbots with celebrity avatars in its social apps

Enlarge/ Meta's AI characters feature Snoop Dogg playing a dungeon master that dispenses gaming advice. 14 with On Wednesday, Meta announced its consumer-friendly entry into the crowded AI chatbot…..
Ars Technica

Meta Quest struggles to outpace the Wii U’s flaccid software sales

Enlarge/ Meta's estimated Quest software sales are worryingly close to those for the Wii U at a similar point in its life. 6 with During Wednesday's Meta Connect keynote presentation, the company …..
The Verge

Five ways the Meta Quest 3 will (let developers) change the game

Five ways the Meta Quest 3 will (let developers) change the game Five ways the Meta Quest 3 will (let developers) change the game / Two words: AI legs. BySean Hollister, a senior editor and found…..

The Hollywood AI Deal Sure Puts a Lot of Trust in Studios to Do the Right Thing

I've been in the entertainment industry since I was nine. I joined the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) when I was 11 in 1977, the Writers Guild of America (WGA) when I was 22, and the Directors Guild of Am…..

An Epic Fight Over What Really Killed the Dinosaurs

Think back to any dinosaur illustration you saw as a kid. The background was almost certainly one of two things: an asteroid streaking across the sky or a volcano blowing its top. (If the illustrator…..
The Verge

Google’s whiteboarding app is joining the graveyard

Googles whiteboarding app is joining the graveyard Googles whiteboarding app is joining the graveyard / The company is shutting down its collaborative Jamboard app in late 2024 and is pointing use…..
The Verge

How to choose which Apple Watch to buy

Between the Apple Watch Series 9, the Ultra 2, and the second-gen SE, there are more options than ever. Well help you sort through them. ByVictoria Song, a senior reporter focusing on wearables, hea…..
The Verge

Sega cancels live-service shooter Hyenas

Sega cancels live-service shooter Hyenas Sega cancels live-service shooter Hyenas / Layoffs are also expected at Hyenas development studio, Creative Assembly. ByAsh Parrish, a reporter who has co…..
Digital Trends

Best electric car charger deals: $100 off home charging stations

Electric vehicles are becoming more and more commonplace, with the best electric cars making us rethink the way we get around. They wont get far without an EV charger, however, and these can be a goo…..
Digital Trends

Best AirPods Max deals: Get the noise-canceling headphones for $384

The AirPods Max are fantastic headphones — but they’re expensive. Apple knocked it out of the park with their first foray into over-the-ear headphones, but they slapped a classic Apple price tag on t…..

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John Farnham Voice ad hit by ‘scammer’ bots sowing hatred and division

The @Respect_Oz account is assessed as a likely bot by Internet 2.0s social media bot and inauthentic account detector 5th Column. The artificial intelligence platform uses an algorithm and gives a s…..

India spat spills over into boardroom of Canadian potash firm Karnalyte

Karnalyte Resources Inc., a Canadian potash firm with ties to India, has had to cancel plans to meet with its Indian board members due to the worsening diplomatic feud between the two countries. The S..
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FORD pauses massive EV battery project being probed over CCP ties...

Ford suddenly pauses massive EV battery project that Republicans are probing over CCP tiesXi Jinping dreams of China's tech sector suprassing the US: Mark MobiusMobius Capital Partners founding partn…..