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7 things we wished Disney did differently with the Star Wars sequel trilogy

The Star Wars sequel trilogy was a divisive return to the galaxy far, far away. While it held so much promise with the success of The Force Awakens, subsequent films became the target of hate and rid…..

Duke Energy’s Idaho Project Is Part Of A Much Bigger National Expansion Through Clean Energy

When I think of Duke Energy, I think of North Carolina. This is partly because I have family out there, and partly because the Duke name is commonly used out there. That’s where Duke Energy started, a..
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Fire Emblem Engage class guide: class skills, strengths, and weaknesses

Tactics games can be fairly complex thanks to them typically having a higher number of units to manage, level, and outfit. Fire Emblem Engage focuses down more on the combat side of the equation comp…..

Apple could limit WiFi 6E availability to iPhone 15 Pro models

The feature gap between the iPhone and iPhone Pro could widen with the 2023 models. According to a leaked antenna design document obtained by MacRumors , the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max will include Wi..

GM Switching To Cylindrical Battery Cells

A report by South Korea’s TheElec claims that General Motors is planning to stop using pouch cells in its future electric cars and switch to cylindrical cells. The move has caused some stress in the …..
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James Webb peers into icy cloud to learn about exoplanet formation

Here’s how to build an exoplanet: You start off with a star that’s surrounded by a disk of dust and gas. As the star burns and sends out gusts of stellar wind, the dust in the disk begins to interact…..

Meet the Titans, DC Comics' New Justice League

For years, the Titans have been one of those superhero teams that DC Comics hasn’t entirely known what to do with. The members who’ve defined the superhero team have mainly been locked off to other te..

Federal & State Initiatives Aim To Spur Offshore Wind Development

There are some serious advantages to offshore wind. Offshore winds are much more powerful than those on land, and they reach their peak during the afternoon when people use a significant amount of ele..
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What is ChatGPT Pro? Everything we know about its answer to capacity issues

Thanks to how popular it’s become, the AI text generator ChatGPT has often been “at capacity” recently, meaning frustratingly long waits. To solve the problem, ChatGPT is testing a subscription mode…..

For Fuel Cell Trucks, Nikola Cooks Up Hydrogen Fueling Station On-The-Go

For all the arguments against green hydrogen, leading global energy stakeholders just can’t seem to keep their hands off the stuff. The latest one to pile on is Fortescue Future Industries. FFI has j…..

Paizo Isn't Backing Down from Creating Its Universal RPG License

The story of Dungeons and Dragons’ Open Gaming License (OGL) has been nothing short of a saga throughout the month of January. That change made by the game’s publisher Wizards of the Coast resulted in..

US, Netherlands and Japan reportedly agree to limit China's access to chipmaking equipment

The Biden administration has reportedly reached an agreement with the Netherlands and Japan to restrict China’s access to advanced chipmaking machinery. According to Bloomberg , officials from the tw..
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The Apple Watch Series 7 with LTE is down to just $329 today

The Apple Watch Series 7 is on sale for just $329 in its black and green colorways right now. You can also find discounts on Amazon’s latest Fire HD 8 and HD 8 Plus tablets, as well as Logitech’s MX K..

Ford recalls 462,000 SUVs over rearview camera issue

Ford has issued a recall for 462,000 vehicles worldwide over the possibility that their rearview cameras could suffer from faulty video output. According to the Associated Press and Reuters, the reca…..
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Jacqueline Castel talks about her unique werewolf horror in My Animal

With entrancing synths and vivid red lights, Jacqueline Castel’s My Animal feels like an ’80s-inspired music video. And in her feature directorial debut, Castel uses this distinct style to inject a f…..
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Ranking all 12 versions of Windows, from worst to best

You can tell a person’s age by which version of Windows is their favorite. I have fond memories of XP and Windows 98 SE, so you can take a guess at mine, but I have colleagues who are much more enamo…..

Amazon Wants to Make Lara Croft Into a Tomb Raider Universe

Yesterday, the news broke that Phoebe Waller-Bridge was creating a TV adaptation for Crystal Dynamics’ long-running Tomb Runner franchise for Prime Video. On its own, that information wouldn’t be terr..
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Cincinnati Bengals vs. Kansas City Chiefs live stream: where to watch 2023 NFL Conference Championships

After two weeks of NFL playoffs, only four teams remain as they face off in the Conference Championships. After today’s games, the Super Bowl 57 matchup will be set. It’s win or go home for the four …..
The Verge

Google’s new AI turns text into music

Googles new AI turns text into music Googles new AI turns text into music / The examples the company has shared are music to my ears. Google researchers have made an AI that can generate minutes-…..

EcoFlow DELTA 1300 + 110W Solar Panel for $2,995

Expires January 23, 2123 14:15 PST Buy now and get 0% off PRODUCT SPECS EcoFlow DELTA Power Stationrepresents the new standard of battery-powered generators.Compatible w..

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Spotify joins layoff trend in tech

Swedish audio streaming company Spotify has announced plans for a round of layoffs that is expected to impact around 6% of its global workforce of some 10,000 employees. The company has thus become …..
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McDonald's customer mistakenly given bag containing thousands of dollars in cash instead of food

A McDonald's in Indiana accidentally gave a customer a bag of cash instead of his order when he went to pick up his food. The customer, identified as Josiah Vargas, received thousands of dollars in …..