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Ebola strain for which there is no vaccine or treatment kills 23 in Uganda

Health officials in Uganda are scrambling to catch up to a burgeoning Ebola outbreak caused by a lesser-seen Ebolavirus species called Sudan virus (SUDV), for which there is no vaccine or treatment. ..

Microsoft is doing away with passwords for Azure Virtual Desktop

Microsoft is now publicly previewing a single sign-on experience for Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD), enabling passwordless authentication for users. Users will now be able to use Windows Hell…..

Shin Ultraman's Shinji Higuchi on the Enduring Legend of One of Japan's Greatest Heroes

Ultraman has been a defining figure of Japanese pop culture for over half a century—but now more than ever, it feels like the giant hero is on the cusp of truly global adoration. New Ultraman shows st..

HP Envy 16

HP Envy 16: Two minute review More of a side-step than a full on refresh or downgrade, the HP Envy 16 carries many standout features from its previous iteration. When we reviewed the HP Envy 15 (20…..

SSD could hasten demise of HDD as price parity looms in 2023

At least two manufacturers have reduced their 2TB SSD to less than $100 over the past days on Amazon, an extraordinary floor price reached outside of Amazon Prime Day and Black Friday/Cyber Monday.…..

Daily Crunch: NASA sings ‘I don’t want to miss a thing’ as DART spacecraft strikes asteroid

To get a roundup of TechCrunch’s biggest and most important stories delivered to your inbox every day at 3 p.m. PDT, subscribe here. At TechCrunch, we love being a conduit for everything that happens..

SEC sues former MoviePass executives for fraud

The US Securities and Exchange Commission has filed a lawsuit against two former MoviePass executives. In a federal complaint seen by , the agency accused Theodore Farnsworth and Mitch Lowe on Monday ..

BMW’s most powerful SUV is a plug-in hybrid

BMW raised the curtain Tuesday on a high-performance plug-in hybrid SUV meant to lure buyers from the ultra-luxury segment’s Lamborghini Urus and Aston Martin DBX. The BMW XM full-size SUV is the fir..

Project Wolf Hunting Starts as Con Air, But Turns Into Friday the 13th

When I first read about the new South Korean action film Project Wolf Hunting, the description called it “Con Air on a boat.” So… Con Boat. And that is 100% accurate for about a third of the film. Eve..
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Tumblr probably won’t drop its porn ban, but it might be about to loosen it

Community labels, announced yesterday, make the site’s moderation tools more granular. Tumblr is asking users to tag posts that depict or reference three categories of content: drug and alcohol addict..
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Hugh Jackman will reprise his Wolverine role for Marvel’s Deadpool 3

In what could best be described as a very predictable move that’s going to have multiple generations of Marvel fans losing their minds, Hugh Jackman has joined the cast of Marvel Studios’ Deadpool 3 a..

'Overwatch 2' moderation tools include voice chat transcriptions and SMS verification

is set to go live and free-to-play on October 4th, and in preparation for the big day, Blizzard has outlined a suite of moderation tools aimed at curbing abusive and disruptive player behavior. The ne..

2.5 Million Floridians Ordered to Evacuate as Hurricane Ian Intensifies to Category 3

Hurricane Ian is barreling toward Florida’s west coast. The Category 3 storm is about 265 miles south of Sarasota, as of writing. It’s projected to strengthen into a Category 4 hurricane and to move n..
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The Try Guys cut ties with Ned Fulmer after Redditors uncover cheating scandal

The Try Guys built a loyal following by pulling stunts on the internet, like baking pies without knowing what they were doing or using devices that simulate the pain of going into labor. But over the ..

Nissan Ariya EV will start at $43,190

After years of hype, Nissan is finally close to releasing its first electric crossover. notes the brand has confirmed the Ariya EV will reach US dealerships in late fall starting at $43,190 for the fr..

Google Play Store and Apple Store adware downloaded millions of times

Almost a hundred apps across the Android (opens in new tab) and iOS ecosystems have been discovered engaging in advertising fraud, researchers have claimed. The apps, 80 of which were built for Andr…..
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Better than JPEG? Researcher discovers that Stable Diffusion can compress images

Last week, Swiss software engineer Matthias Bühlmann discovered that the popular image synthesis model Stable Diffusion could compress existing bitmapped images with fewer visual artifacts than JPEG o..
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Samsung just copy-and-pasted iOS 16’s lock screen in its One UI 5 beta

It’s hard to tell sometimes if iPhone innovations inspire Android or the other way around. Google introduced Material You for Android 13, while Apple programmed iOS 16 with lock screen customization —..

China’s Nio joins the race for lithium, buys 12% of Australia’s Greenwing Resources

China’s electric vehicle upstart Nio has joined Tesla in sourcing raw materials directly from mines rather than its own battery suppliers as soaring prices of lithium, a critical component of EV batte..
Digital Trends

The Nintendo Switch OLED is only $285 at Amazon, with a catch

While the Steam Deck has more outright power than the Nintendo Switch, the lineup of exclusive games from Nintendo on the Switch is hard to beat, making the Switch one of this generation’s most wanted..

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Canada drops covid rules for travelers

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