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BBC Sport

Shoppers set to cut spending at Boxing Day sales - BBC

Shoppers are expected to spend less at the Boxing Day sales as households are squeezed by the high cost of living. Credit card firm Barclaycard predicts that the average person is set to spend £229 …..
BBC Sport

World Cup: Some football fans are in trouble with Fifa - BBC

Cheers, tears and banners - when it comes to the World Cup, fans are used to going all-out to show their support. But sometimes, excitement can tip over into bad behaviour. When that happens, Fifa…..

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BBC Sport is the sports division of the BBC, providing national sports coverage for BBC television, radio and online. The BBC holds the television and radio UK broadcasting rights to several sports, broadcasting the sport live or alongside flagship analysis programmes such as Match of the Day, Test Match Special, Ski Sunday, Today at Wimbledon and previously Grandstand. Results, analysis and coverage is also added to the BBC Sport website and through the BBC Red Button interactive television service.
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