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SpaceX launches Intuitive Machines lunar lander on its first moon mission

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launched a robotic spacecraft to the moon early Thursday, setting up a landing on Feb. 22, which if successful would be the first soft landing on the moon for the United Stat…..
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Carolyn Hax: Do superlative compliments start to feel insincere?

Adapted from an online discussion. Hi, Carolyn: I am a person who feels strongly about a lot of things. I also love a lot of things. I am vocal about loving things: I love to give compliments, descr…..
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Elon Musk claims driver in Tesla crash didn’t have Full Self-Driving

SAN FRANCISCO Tesla CEO Elon Musk and a company executive claimed in separate tweets on X on Wednesday that a Tesla employee who died in a fiery 2022 crash was not using the most advanced version of …..
Washington Post

A scientist in Louisville is compiling data on trees and human health

Aruni Bhatnagar looked up. This tree right here, its got a lot of good leaves so you can stick a lot of air pollutants in it, Bhatnagar, a cardiology researcher, said as he gestured toward a magnoli…..
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These GOP lawmakers hate federal spending, except for their own districts

Far-right Republicans in Congress have pushed the federal government near the brink of shutting down in recent months in their quest to cut the budget. But many of them have also signaled that they d…..
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New Alzheimer’s drugs bring hope. But not equally for all patients.

ABINGTON, Pa. Wrapped in a purple blanket, Robert Williford settles into a quiet corner of a bustling neurology clinic, an IV line delivering a colorless liquid into his left arm. The 67-year-old, w…..
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The internet’s CSAM problem keeps getting worse. Here’s why.

One of the internets oldest, ugliest problems keeps getting worse. Despite decades of efforts to crack down on sexual pictures and videos of children online, theyre more widely available now than ev…..
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Influenced By TikTok, Pop Music Has Reined It In

It’s not just TikTok – “The average song length peaked at 4 minutes 21 seconds in 1992,” or about 30 years before TikTok came on the scene, but now, a need for quick-engagement dances and memes means ..
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Sure, Trump and Biden are old. The similarities end there.

The most convenient political habit of the moment is to natter on about how both President Biden and Donald Trump are unpopular and old and how Americans long for some new and energetic candidate (id…..
Washington Post

Gen Z might be the MAGA movement’s undoing

Four-times-indicted former president Donald Trump has been successfully selling white Christian nostalgia, racism and xenophobia to his base. However, the Public Religion Research Institutes massive …..
Washington Post

Tesla investors are resisting Elon Musk’s push for more control

Six years ago, Tesla outlined an ambitious compensation package for its chief executive thatmade Elon Musk one of the wealthiest men alive, and investors were all for it. Now, the worlds richest pers…..
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Children of color face delays in treating infantile spasms, study finds

Prompt diagnosis and treatment of infantile epileptic spasms syndrome, a severe seizure disorder beginning in infancy, can prevent developmental delays. But non-Hispanic Black children are less likel…..
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U.S. economy’s rising growth, falling inflation quells recession fears

The European economy, hobbled by unfamiliar weakness in Germany, is barely growing. China is struggling to recapture its sizzle. And Japan continues to disappoint. But in the United States, its a di…..
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Carolyn Hax: Sister insists on secrecy about her child from a teen pregnancy

Hi, Carolyn: In the mid-1980s, when I was 17, my 15-year-old sister became pregnant. She went away to a Catholic facility for a few months and had a healthy baby girl, who was adopted at a few days o…..
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A Constitution-flouting ‘authoritarian’ is already in the White House

Comment on this story Comment Add to your saved stories Save Overcaffeinated Cassandras continue to forecast an authoritarian and anti-constitutional Donald Trump dictatorship. They are mistaken …..
Washington Post

A health checklist for every age

Heres a healthy new habit to start in 2024: Make January the month you schedule all your preventive care appointments for the year. As a physician, I often hear from patients who tell me they had no…..
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Half of Black D.C. residents lack easy access to health care, analysis shows

Comment on this story Comment Add to your saved stories Save Nearly half of Black D.C. residents live in medically underserved areas neighborhoods with a shortage of primary care services where t…..
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For Jackie and the Treehorns, the persona was fake but the music is real

Comment on this story Comment Add to your saved stories Save How many times has Steven Rubin seen The Big Lebowski? One time too many, obviously, cracked the D.C.-area singer-guitarist, who named…..
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Israel’s Supreme Court strikes down Netanyahu’s judicial overhaul law

JERUSALEM Israels high court on Monday struck down Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahus controversial law that aimed to limit the courts power over government decisions and sparked mass anti-government…..
Washington Post

Erik Wemple answers your questions on the media

Media critic Erik Wemple will be online once a month on Mondays for a live chat on recent developments in U.S. media. Submit your question or comment for his Jan. 8 chat below. Waiting for the chat …..

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