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Informed consent a thing of the past if changes to Health Canada’s drug regulatory framework proceed

Health Canada is proposing regulatory changes to pharmaceutical product approvals under the guidance of Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos, former Minister of Industry with a background in economics. …..
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Victoria's Chief Health Officer hides criticism after garlic tweet controversy

Three years after Victoria's Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton insisted garlic was not effective in preventing Covid-19, Australian scientists have found the vegetable has a 99.9 per cent efficacy ra…..
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Zero COVID deaths in healthy adolescents, Israel Ministry of Health says

Attorney Ori Xabi has been filing freedom of information requests with the Israel Ministry of Health (MoH) to obtain information regarding policy handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a rep…..
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Transgender state rep bags Children's Minnesota Health Hero Award for facilitating pediatric gender transitions

Finke, who is transgender, was the brain behind Minnesota's HF 146, also known as the 'trans refuge' bill. The legislation thwarts the application of out-of-state laws that might separate children fro..
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Google and World Health Organization announce 'multi-year collaboration agreement'

Big Tech giant Google has announced its renewed a partnership with the World Health Organization. The new multi-year agreement will see the WHO continue providing credible health-related information …..
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Calls for government intervention after WHO's youth obesity report

The World Health Organization has ranked Australia second in a chart listing of the fattest kids in the world with reported experts calling for government intervention. The report claims that 21.8 p…..
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Andrew Bridgen is taking former health secretary Matt Hancock to court

Back in January 2023, then-Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen began to raise concerns about the COVID-19 vaccine. Bridgen eventually lost his role as Conservative whip over the comments he made about the…..
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Ontario passes health reform, expands publicly-funded-private-delivery of medical treatment

To the chagrin of opposition parties, experts and medical professionals, Ontario has passed meaningful reform to permit publicly funded surgeries and procedures in private clinics. On Monday, Premie…..
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Senior public health official, lawyer and media conspire to supress detective investigating COVID vaccine connection to SIDS

One senior-level Canadian public health agent and her lawyer daughter appear to be working with a vested interest to weaponize the media to silence an internal police investigation probing the COVID-1..
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Health Canada blames climate change on 'capitalism' and 'white supremacy'

Academics and experts interviewed by the Public Health Agency of Canada blame capitalism and white supremacy for climate change. "It's really about the foundations of our society, the capitalist sys…..
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Anheuser-Busch places top marketing execs on leave following controversial Bud Light campaign

Anheuser-Busch has placed another top marketing executive on leave after Bud Light, one of its leading brands, faced backlash over its decision to collaborate with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvan…..
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Bogut calls out hypocritical stars pushing public health and social causes

Former NBA champion Andrew Bogut has shed light on the dissonance between the public and private behaviour of celebrities and media personalities when it comes to public health and social causes. He…..
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Bud Light pauses marketing efforts following massive backlash over transgender influencer partnership: report

Bud Light owner Anheuser-Busch is reportedly pausing its marketing efforts and reevaluating its influencer partnerships after facing backlash over its controversial collaboration with transgender inf…..
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Health Canada threw away millions in medical supplies before the COVID pandemic

According to internal records, Health Canada closed three warehouses in 2019 to save $900,000 in leasing costs. They also discarded 5.4 million high-grade N95 masks, 2.4 million surgical masks, more t..
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The shocking number of PR spinners at NZ Health revealed

The New Zealand Health Department has almost 200 people employed in its communications office, it has been revealed.  Health Minister Ayesha Verrall made the admission in response to a question from…..
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Study indicates gender transitioning worsens mental health outcomes in children

A recent study highlights that parents frequently feel pressured into allowing their children to undergo transitioning as a treatment for gender dysphoria, which may lead to worsened mental health ou…..
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Québec man accused of killing police officer had long history of mental health issues, posed a risk of violence

According to court documents, the man suspected of killing a Québec provincial police (SQ) officer had a documented history of violence. Brouillard Lessard, 35, fatally stabbed Sgt. Maureen Breau af…..
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Health agencies misled public on myocarditis occurrence after COVID-19 novel injection vs. natural infection

Rebel News followed the post-COVID myocarditis occurrences closely throughout 2021 and into 2022. In this report, we now have data from Statistics Canada to show that incidences of heart disease rel…..
Rebel News

Government-led mobile health examination centres generate criticism online

The Canadian government has requested that its citizens partake in a Canadian Health Measures Survey (CHMS). A photo of a letter received from Statistics Canada was recently posted to Twitter by a u…..
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Public Health Agency cancels social media snooping contract

'In preparation for increased vaccination education, promotion, and outreach, The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) is requiring the services of a consultant to analyze the vaccine related convers..

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