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B.C. health care workers expected to attend 'day of action' against 'draconian' health care act

B.C. Conservative leader John Rusted is expected to submit thousands of postcards calling for the repeal of a new health act that grants the government sweeping powers over how regulated health profes..
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Liberals cheer on World Health Organization’s attempts at global health control

As Canadians grow increasingly skeptical of the global health authority known as the World Health Organization, the Liberal government remains unwavering in its commitment to strengthening the regime'..
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Health Canada scrutinized for lack of COVID-19 vaccine risk-benefit analysis

Despite Health Canadas continuous claims of COVID-19 vaccine safety and efficacy, concerns continue regarding the lack of transparent data and calculations that demonstrate the vaccines' alleged bene…..
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'Health Canada hasn't considered the risk' of COVID vaccine DNA contamination issue, says citizen scientist

The shocking discovery comes in the form of a pre-print paper wherein citizen scientists have investigated the levels of residual DNA found within various vials and lots of Pfizer and Modernas novel …..
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Health Canada stands firm: Pfizer vaccine safe and effective despite undisclosed contaminants

Health Canada continues its endorsement and authorization of novel COVID-19 mRNA injections for everyone aged six months and up, despite confirmation that Pfizer duped the government agency. The fed…..
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No More Shots! An urgent plea to Health Canada after vaccines were confirmed to be contaminated

Health Canada has confirmed knowledge of undisclosed DNA contaminants in Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine vials, raising concerns over long-term safety risks and prompting a call for the regulator to immediate..
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Health Canada’s startling admission confirms secret DNA contamination discovered in COVID-19 vaccines

The agency has acknowledged the presence of at least one undisclosed plasmid DNA sequence in COVID-19 vaccine vials, raising concerns about public safety and regulatory diligence, especially amid ongo..
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Trudeau Liberals continue to target natural health products with Bill C-47

Many Canadians have shared concerns about Liberal Bill C-47, namely that it will adversely impact the access to and affordability of natural health products. 70% of Canadians use safe and effective n…..
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World Health Organization's global health agenda faces backlash from concerned citizens

Independent researcher James Roguski expresses concerns about the WHO’s recurrent efforts to enhance its authority, coupled with recent talks of circumventing its own procedural safeguards, for a glob..
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Pysops for better health, a World Health Organization initiative

Access to information documents reveal that Canadian delegates at the World Health Assembly were provided with vague talking points for discussions around amending International Health Regulations whi..
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B.C. health authorities to revive 'mask mandate' for healthcare workers: memo

The B.C. Health Authorities are reviving their draconian mask mandate in all healthcare settings, confirms a Health Ministry memo. Global News and CTV both obtained the memo sent to frontline worker…..
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Canada rolls out red carpet for Zelensky, pledges $650 million in mental health and military aid to Ukraine

Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky continued his tour of NATO countries Friday with a pit stop in Canada to thank the country for funding its war with Russia. Zelensky thanked Prime Minister Jus…..
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Health Canada’s endorsement of new COVID booster leaves Canadians in the dark due to missing information

Health Canada’s recent endorsement of yet another novel mRNA booster raises concerns due to glaring gaps in comprehensive data, leaving Canadians without the necessary information to make fully inform..
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Transparency under attack as Health Canada accused of misleading Canadians with COVID-19 messaging

Amid disclosures of once top-secret COVID-19 vaccine contracts between Pfizer and various countries, Health Canada’s possibly deceptive promotion of safety and efficacy leaves at least one lawyer ques..
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Public safety is at risk as Health Canada greenlights new COVID-19 booster with incomplete data

In a groundbreaking and deeply alarming report, the federal agency entrusted with this authorization has demonstrated a stunning inability to provide clear and satisfactory answers to probing question..
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Health Canada authorizes Moderna's new COVID booster

Health Canada has authorized the new Moderna Spikevax COVID-19 injection targeting the omicron XBB1.5 subvariant for those aged six months and up, after a land acknowledgment. The vaccine was author…..
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Pastor Tim Stephens taking Calgary Police Chief and Alberta Health Services to court!

Rebel News was joined by Justice Centre president John Carpay, who provided an update on Pastor Stephens' recent acquittal and his plans to take legal action against those who unlawfully arrested and ..
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Will masks or health measures make a comeback this fall?

Is the mainstream media currently suggesting the probable return of masks in society this autumn? With the emergence of the new Omicron variant, BA 2.86, which appears to concern American experts ac…..
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The Public Health Agency spent $172,000 to survey Canadians' response to lockdowns

Abacus conducted online polling between February 7 and 24, 2023, while earlier polling involving nine focus groups was completed in the fall of 2022. Scientific contradictions persist as a new COVID…..
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Queensland finally dumps Covid-19 vaccination mandate for health workers

The Queensland government has revealed plans to finally dump the Covid-19 vaccine mandate for healthcare employees by the month's end. State Health Minister Shannon Fentiman stated that acting Chief…..

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