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Health units bullying parents into vaccine paper trail compliance

Ontario Health Units have begun their vaccine record crackdown as part of the enforcement of the Immunization of School Pupils Act (ISPA). It was put in place to increase the protection of the health…..
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Seeking justice for Stephanie Warriner, sister Denise files $16 million lawsuit against University Health Network

Even though there is both video and eyewitness evidence, Justice Sean Dunphy dismissed charges of manslaughter and criminal negligence causing death against Amanda Rojas-Silva and Shane Hutley, the tw..
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Public Health Agency of Canada at the ready to exploit Christmas through propaganda with in-house production

Apparently, the Public Health Agency (PHAC) of Canada keeps a Mrs. Clause prop and Christmas outfits in-house, according to the latest response to our access to information request. We received the …..
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Politicians under fire over harsh pandemic health measures

Reports of abuse and threats directed at federal politicians had increased markedly since the pandemic, figures released by the Australian Federal Police reveal. The AFP recorded 582 complaints of h…..
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Expose the WHO: unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats privately discuss health decisions that will affect you

The United Nations' World Health Organization (WHO) sneakily conducts itself in back-door meetings and face-to-face discussions, leaving everyday citizens in the dark about whats really going on in t…..
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Biden administration extends Covid-19 Public Health Emergency for 11th time

The Biden administration extended the Covid-19 public health emergency determination for another 90 days, the White House stated Wednesday. This marks the eleventh time the emergency has been renew…..
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Privacy protection is awry at the Public Health Agency of Canada

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner (OPC) is unaware that the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) is seeking to monitor the online activity of the vaccine hesitant. OPC spokesperson Tobi Cohen …..
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Canadian health overlord joins Mrs. Claus to push vaccine propaganda

In a repulsive video advertisement put out by Canadas Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Theresa Tam sits down with Mrs. Clause to push vaccine propaganda on Canadian children and their parents. D…..
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Ottawa medical officer of health says mask up and ‘get vaccinated’ ahead of January

Recently, the city of Ottawas medical officer of health warned that the rate of respiratory viruses will skyrocket starting in January.  We can all do something about it, Etches said. Etches stated …..
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Health Canada staffer dies suddenly

Adam Exton was a Liberal staffer working as the Director of Parliamentary Affairs at Health Canada at the time of his tragic passing. The obituary for Exton details that he was 35 at the time of his…..
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B.C. nurse on welfare instead of saving lives due to vaccine mandates scolds Provincial Health Services Authority

A B.C. nurse who was terminated last November after not complying with the government's coercive vaccine mandates against healthcare workers gave the Provincial Health Services Authority’s (PHSA) boar..
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DeSantis orders formation of the Public Health Integrity Committee to assess federal health decisions

On Tuesday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced the formation of the Public Health Integrity Committee, to be headed by Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo. The committee will be charged wi…..
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Balenciaga may never recover from grotesque marketing campaign that sexualized children

On Friday's Rebel Roundup  did you have the misfortune of checking out the latest marketing campaign for luxury retailer Balenciaga? It was, in a word, grotesque. Inexplicably, the campaign made use …..
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Health Canada blew $41 million on vaccine propaganda

While the agency was able to provide the dollar amounts, bureaucrats there would not give the requested breakdown that smaller crown corporations and ministries did regarding where the money was spent..
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Health Canada admits Pfizer vaccine never tested for efficacy in preventing COVID infection

Conservative MP Colin Carrie used an inquiry of the ministry to compel Health Canada to produce any studies the agency had completed regarding Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine, as well as the experimental me..
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Children's health compromised by unscientific pandemic response

In Canada and abroad, childrens hospitals are in crisis over respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). Yet health officials fail to recognize why this may be happening and ignore what could have caused it …..
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Feds purchased hundreds of millions of COVID-19 vaccines prior to Health Canada approval

I can show you data on how many Covid-19 vaccines the federal government purchased before they were approved by Health Canada. Today's information comes to us by way of an order paper question posed …..
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Ontario's chief health officer mingles maskless days after advising province to mask up indoors

The hypocrisy of Ontarios top doctor, Kieran Moore, is on full display as hes seen mingling maskless at a Toronto socialite event just days after advising Ontarians to mask up indoors. On November 1…..
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Premier Danielle Smith fires entire Alberta Health Services board

Today, we announced immediate action to reform AHS and put patients first. We will also ensure many of these meaningful changes are done by consulting and empowering our frontline health workers!#abp…..
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G20 panel calls for the institution of global digital health passports

A panel at the ongoing G20 summit has called for the institution of global digital health passports.  Speaking to the crowd in Bali, Indonesian health minister Budi Sadikin called for a digital heal…..

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