Multiple agreements crown historic Putin-Xi meeting

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Chinese guest Xi Jinping have signed more than a dozen documents on increased cooperation in fields ranging from trade and industry to science and the militar…..

Republicans demand banned weapons for Ukraine

Four Republican congressmen have entreated US President Joe Biden to send cluster munitions, a controversial weapon banned in 110 countries, to Ukraine, dismissing concerns about escalating the confl…..

US intel helped India win a border clash – media

Real-time US intelligence information on Chinese troop positions was instrumental in enabling India to repel a border incursion in disputed territory of the high Himalayas late last year, a Washingto…..

Putin warns UK against plan to supply depleted uranium to Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned London against the planned delivery of depleted uranium (DU) armor-piercing tank rounds to Ukraine, saying the weapons will be treated by Moscow as contain…..

French protests rage after vote on pension reform (VIDEOS)

The French government survived two no-confidence votes on Monday, prompted by the decision by President Emmanuel Macron to push through the controversial pension reform bill without lawmakers’ approv…..

The AUKUS deal confirms Australia’s complete dependence on the US and the UK

Last week, amidst a great deal of pomp and ceremony at a San Diego, California naval base, Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese signed off on the AUKUS submarine deal with the United States and…..

Top Republican breaks silence on Trump’s possible arrest

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has ripped the New York City prosecutor behind a possible criminal indictment against Donald Trump while sideswiping the former president with an apparent dig alluding t…..

US reveals human rights violations in Ukraine

The 2022 annual human rights report, published by the US State Department on Monday, blames the censorship of media, bans on political parties and extrajudicial executions in Ukraine on the Russian “…..

US announces more weapons for Ukraine

The US Department of Defense announced on Monday that it will send Ukraine another $350 million worth of military aid. The further supplies come as Ukraine reportedly gears up for a spring offensive,…..

‘No state is safe’ 20 years after Iraq invasion – Russian envoy to US

Although the entire world has known for years that the invasion of Iraq was based on false pretenses and a violation of international law, the US continues to insist it was justified in the name of i…..

US tech giant slashes more jobs

America’s Big Tech bloodletting has reached a new round of victims, with online retailing behemoth Amazon revealing that it will cut an additional 9,000 jobs just two months after announcing that 18,…..

French reporter freed after nearly two years in jihadist captivity

French journalist Olivier Dubois was released from captivity in Mali on Monday, after being held hostage for 23 months by militants with ties to al-Qaeda. The release comes several months after Franc…..

Biden recalls gay ‘epiphany’

US President Joe Biden claimed this week that seeing two men kiss while he was in high school led him to support gay marriage. However, Biden was a staunch opponent of same-sex unions until he was in…..

TikTok says US threatening to ban the app

Washington has urged TikTok’s Chinese owners to divest their stakes in the popular video app or face a potential US-wide ban, representatives of ByteDance – the company behind the platform – told var…..

Another US train derails

A train derailed in northern Arizona late on Wednesday, according to local authorities. It’s the latest in a series of railway accidents in the US recently. The incident occurred at the Topock Bridg…..

Nasdaq plans to delist Russian tech giants

Nasdaq plans to delist the securities of Russia’s largest IT company Yandex and e-commerce firm Ozon, the American exchange announced on Wednesday. The bourse cited “the continued geopolitical circu…..

Pentagon releases video of doomed drone chased by Russian jet

The Pentagon has released a video, which it said was shot from a US MQ-9 Reaper drone during a close encounter with a Russian Su-27 fighter jet, after which the American aircraft plunged into the Bla…..

Cuba accepts Russian payment system

Cuban banks have started accepting MIR cards, Russia’s alternative to Visa and Mastercard, the payment system announced on Tuesday. Several banks in Havana have installed ATMs displaying the logo of…..

‘Serious military developments’ are coming in Ukraine conflict – envoy

Ukraine is being plagued by mounting military problems which do not bode well for its fortunes on the battlefield, Russia’s deputy permanent representative to the UN said on Wednesday. Speaking to A…..

Kiev’s plan for counteroffensive revealed in media report

Washington expects Kiev to launch a counterattack against Russian troops in May, using the weapons that NATO countries have been sending to Ukraine, Politico reported on Wednesday, citing unnamed US …..
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Call of Duty gamers’ lawsuit to block Microsoft/Activision merger dismissed

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