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Ghislaine Maxwell strikes up prison friendship with notorious Florida killer: report

Convicted sex-trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell has become prison pals with notorious killer Narcy Novack who murdered her rich husband and her mother-in-law in a bid to get her hands on their estate, acco..

Ghislaine Maxwell is being sued by her attorneys' firm for more than $878,000 in unpaid legal fees

Two lawyers from the firm, Jeffrey Pagliuca and Laura Menninger, were lead attorneys on Maxwell's defense team during her trial last year that ended in a conviction for her role in facilitating Epstei..
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Law firm sues Ghislaine Maxwell for $878K in legal fees

A law firm that represented Ghislaine Maxwell is now suing her and her family members over alleged unpaid legal bills that have totaled more than $878,000. The Denver-based Haddon, Morgan and Foreman..
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In Court, She’s Always Judging You

Ghislaine Maxwell entering court at the start of her trial in 2021. Her look said “understated rich lady,” according Elizabeth Williams, the courtroom artist. As a subscriber, you have 10 gift articl..
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INTERVIEW: Dr. James Lindsay was deplatformed for calling out child grooming

If you come from a sheltered, protected country like we do, Canada, and a sheltered and protected place like I did growing up, I suppose the word 'grooming' — well, it's how you brush your teeth and s..
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'Epstein Chronicles' podcast host: Why does 'nobody' care about Jeffrey Epstein anymore?

Bobby Capucci, host of "The Epstein Chronicles" podcast, questions why there appears to be little investigation into Jeffrey Epstein's political relationships on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’ BOBBY CAPUC..
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Maxwell's new digs: Fla. prison known for yoga, music, abuse

NEW YORK — Ghislaine Maxwell, the jet-setting socialite turned convicted sex trafficker, is off to Florida to serve a 20-year federal prison sentence for helping financier Jeffrey Epstein sexually abu..
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Ghislaine Maxwell moved to cushy Florida prison that offers yoga and Pilates

has been transferred to a cushy low-security federal prison in north Florida to serve out her 20-year sex trafficking sentence for procuring teen girls to be abused by her and late financier Jeffrey E..

Ghislaine Maxwell transferred to low security federal prison in Florida

She was convicted in December on five federal charges, including sex trafficking of a minor, as part of a yearslong scheme with Jeffrey Epstein to groom and sexually abuse underage girls Prosecutors ..

New documentary unearths troubling links between Victoria's Secret and Jeffrey Epstein

The cultural phenomenon that was pre-2020 Victoria's Secret, with its televised lingerie catwalks and salacious TV ads, may be at times hard to fathom in a post-#MeToo world. What was once a multi-mil..
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U.S. Pays $4.2 Million to Victims of Jail Guard’s Long-Running Sex Abuse

The Metropolitan Correction Center was emptied of prisoners and closed last year because of poor conditions. As a subscriber, you have 10 gift articles to give each month. Anyone can read what you sh..

'Victoria's Secret: Angels and Demons' weaves together Jeffrey Epstein and corporate culture

"Victoria's Secret: Angels and Demons" is a fitting name for a docuseries that at times seems to be at war with itself -- part business examination of the brand's rise and fall, part expose of former ..
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What’s on TV This Week: Macy’s Fireworks and ‘America Outdoors With Baratunde Thurston’

Between network, cable and streaming, the modern television landscape is a vast one. Here are some of the shows, specials and movies coming to TV this week, July 4-10. Details and times are subject to..
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Prosecutors Defend Decision to Place R. Kelly on Suicide Watch

As a subscriber, you have 10 gift articles to give each month. Anyone can read what you share. The singer, who was given a 30-year sentence last week for sex trafficking and racketeering, is challeng..

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Ghislaine Noelle Marion Maxwell (born 25 December 1961) is a British convicted sex offender and former socialite. In 2021, she was found guilty of child sex trafficking and other offences in connection with the financier and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, and was sentenced, in a New York court, to 20 years imprisonment on 28 June 2022. Born in France, Maxwell was raised in Oxford. In the 1980s she attended Balliol College, Oxford, and then became a prominent member of London's social scene. Maxwell worked for her father, Robert Maxwell, until his death in 1991; she then moved to New York City, where she continued living as a socialite and had a relationship with Epstein. In 2012, Maxwell founded a non-profit group for the protection of oceans. Following sex trafficking allegations being brought by prosecutors against Epstein in July 2019, the organisation announced cessation of operations the same month. Maxwell is a naturalised US citizen and retains both French and British citizenship.
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