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Tyre Nichols: Arraignment date set for 5 ex-Memphis police officers charged in fatal beating

The five Memphis, Tennessee, police officers charged in connection to the death of Tyre Nichols will be arraigned in mid-February, Fox News can confirm.  Court records show they are scheduled to app…..
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Poll shows 0% of Black voters had 'poor' voting experience in November despite Biden claim of 'Jim Crow 2.0'

A new poll shows 0% of Georgias Black voters had a "poor" experience casting a ballot in the midterm elections in November, the first since new voting laws took hold in the Peach State. The results …..
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Understanding The Benefit Of Starting At The End with Trey Gowdy

This week, Shannon sits down with the Host of Sunday Night in America and The Trey Gowdy Podcast, Trey Gowdy for a conversation on the art of decision-making. Trey shares anecdotes from his latest b…..
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My browser is super slow, how do I fix it?

You've probably had it happen to you before - you're trying to watch your favorite streaming show, and it won't load, or you're scrolling through Facebook, and none of your friends' posts are coming …..
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Fact-checkers target Biden over 'false and misleading' statements about the economy

President Biden is facing pushback from fact-checkers over a recent speech he delivered in Virginia regarding the economic progress his administration has made during his tenure in the White House. …..
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Hubble captures stunning stellar duo in Orion Nebula 1,450 light-years away

The Hubble Space Telescope captured a stunning new image of the bright variable star V 372 Orionis and a companion star. The NASA and European Space Agency telescope snapped the stars, which lie in …..
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Minnesota Senate passes abortion bill opponents call 'most extreme' in nation

After 15 hours of contentious debate, the Minnesota Senate passed legislation early Saturday morning that guarantees the right to abortion, a bill pro-life Republicans have called the "most extreme" …..
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Air Force general predicts war with China in 2025: 'I hope I am wrong'

A four-star Air Force General on Friday predicted in a memo to his officers that the U.S. will be at war with China by 2025 and advised his commanders to prepare, a report by NBC News said. Gen. Mik…..
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Bill Maher admits he uses a private jet, calls out 'hypocrite' environmentalists like John Kerry, celebs

"Real Time" host Bill Maher came clean on Friday night about his environmental sin while addressing the urgent need to combat climate change.  During his closing monologue, Maher told his viewers th…..
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Activist at California slavery reparations meeting denounces proposed payment of $223,000: 'Not enough!'

Californias reparations task force met again on Friday in San Diego with public comment from speakers who urged bold action and for the state to go forward with payments to African Americans as repay…..
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From Washington: President Biden’s Pick For New Chief Of Staff

This week, President Biden confirmed the news that Jeff Zients will replace Ron Klain as White House Chief of Staff. Zients, an entrepreneur, formerly served as President Biden’s Covid-19 response coo..
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Oregon man who pleaded guilty to accessing violent child porn sentenced to probation, weekend jail time

An Oregon man pleaded guilty to accessing and uploading child sexual assault materials, and was sentenced to probation and weekend jail that he will serve "at his convenience." Scott Johnson, 27, pl…..
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Parents say 'dream' school district has become a 'woke' nightmare: 'The joke's on us'

Iowa parents are outraged at their school district after a board member claimed the public education system is not supposed to teach kids "what the parents want." Parents in the Linn-Mar School Dist…..
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Biden's Parole Program: Migrant families rush Miami airport after GOP lawsuit

Miami Since 20 GOP-led states filed a lawsuit Tuesday against President Biden's new immigration plan, migrants are now rushing to fly into the United States.  Hundreds of migrants flew into the Miam…..
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Condemns Kanye, Fuentes, antisemitism...

DANA POINT, Calif. The Republican National Committee (RNC) overwhelming approved a resolution condemning antisemitism as well as Ye, better known as Kanye West, and other conservative figures whove m…..
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Minnesota Senate weighs more legal protections for abortion

The Minnesota Senate began debate Friday on a bill to write broad protections for abortion rights into state statutes, which would make it difficult for future courts to roll back. Democratic legisl…..
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Karine Jean-Pierre responds to Paul Pelosi bodycam release: A 'miracle' he wasn't 'more seriously injured'

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said that it's a "miracle" that Paul Pelosi wasn't more seriously injured in the October 2022 attack after the release of body camera video related to t…..
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Twitter users mock new list of 'dehumanizing' labels to avoid: 'The AP is run by children'

The Associated Press Stylebook was once again mocked on social media after its latest suggestion to do away with terms involving the word "the" to avoid "dehumanizing" people. The AP Stylebooks Twit…..
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Is It Possible To See Race Like Eye Color Or Hair With Leonydus Johnson

On this episode, Will sits down with Author and Podcaster Leonydus Johnson to discuss his new book, Raising Victims: The Pernicious Rise of Critical Race Theory. Johnson explains how he believes publi..

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