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Tennis star Naomi Osaka reveals gender of baby with social media post

Tennis star Naomi Osaka revealed Friday she is pregnant with a girl in a social media post.  The four-time Grand Slam winner announced her pregnancy with rapper Cordae in January. The two have b…..
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Tennessee law restricting drag shows ‘unconstitutionally vague,’ federal judge rules

A federal judge ruled late Friday that a Tennessee law that put strict limits on drag shows is "unconstitutionally vague."  U.S. District Judge Thomas Parker in his ruling said the first-in-the-nati…..
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Mike Babcock to make NHL return, Columbus Blue Jackets to him as next head coach: report

The Columbus Blue Jackets appear to have found their next head coach.  The Blue Jackets are set to make Mike Babcock the franchise's new coach when his contract with the Toronto Maple Leafs official…..
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Elon Musk supports family punished for speaking out against biological male using girls' locker room

Twitter owner Elon Musk on Saturday voiced support for a Vermont family that was punished by a local school for expressing concerns about a biological male using the daughter's locker room. Musk, th…..
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Chicago resident shares fury over city's $51 million migrant aid package: 'Just a mess'

After the city council approved a multi-million dollar migrant aid package, outraged Chicago residents raised their concerns and frustrations at a meeting earlier this week.  One of those residents …..
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Malicious Android spyware detected in over 100 popular apps

Brace yourself for this troubling revelation. A new report from researchers at the IT security solutions firm Dr. Web found that over 100 Android apps that collectively have over an astounding 421 mi…..
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Utah district bans Bible in elementary and middle schools 'due to vulgarity or violence'

In the Bible, Jesus says "Let the children come to me" but parents and teachers in Utah have decided it'll have to wait until high school. At Davis School District, located north of Salt Lake City, …..
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Major media style guide tells press to avoid terms like 'biological sex,' defends gender surgery for minors

The latest media style guidance from the Associated Press instructed journalists in their reporting to respect LGBTQ subjects preferred pronouns, advised them to avoid terms like "biological sex," an…..
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California dogs found wandering the streets have 'strong bond,' looking for loving home

Two bonded dogs are available for adoption after being found wandering the streets of California.  Etsy and Dwight were found on a busy street in Hayward, California, walking side by side. A good S…..
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Woke corporate governance often stems from involved investment firms: Former Anheuser-Busch exec

Woke corporate governance, which recently led to the fiscal hemorrhaging of Anheuser-Busch and Target, often begins with investment firms pressuring them to behave in certain ways, a former executive…..
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Sonic employee arrested in New Mexico after cocaine found in customer's hot dog: police

An employee at a Sonic Drive-In restaurant in New Mexico was arrested after he lost his bag of cocaine that somehow ended up on a customer's hot dog, according to police. Jeffrey David Salazar, 54, …..
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PAID TO FAIL? San Diego business owner criticizes costly plan to buy hotels to house homeless, 'huge failure'

A San Diego business owner and CEO is skeptical city leadership's plan to turn four hotels into housing for homeless people will foster lasting results. "They're just trying to clean up a little bit…..
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DoJ sues Wisconsin town for trespassing on road-blocking Native tribe's reservation

The U.S. Department of Justice has filed a lawsuit to force a northern Wisconsin town to pay unspecified damages for failing to renew access easements on American Indian tribal land. U.S. Attorney T…..
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British teen gets minimum of 6 years after Islamic terror plot reported by mother

A teenage man who was reported to British anti-terror authorities by his mother was jailed for life on Friday. Matthew King, 19, will serve a minimum term of six years for plotting a terror attack on…..
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‘Indiana Jones’ actor Shia LaBeouf shares story of his growing Catholic faith: ‘Gives me hope’

Actor Shia LaBeouf confirmed to a Catholic news outlet that his process of joining the church will be completed by his rite of confirmation in a few months. LaBeouf, made famous by for starring in e…..
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Tom Brady admits to failures, talks co-parenting with Gisele Bündchen following divorce

Tom Brady praised his and his ex-wife's parenting skills following the couple's bombshell divorce. The retired NFL quarterback opened up about what is important for his kids along with dealing with …..
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Spanish Catholic bishops find evidence of more than 700 sexual abusers, 900 victims since 1945

Spains Catholic bishops conference says it has found evidence of 728 sexual abusers within the church since 1945, through the testimony of 927 victims, in its first public report on the issue. The c…..
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Woman walking along California beach finds ancient, foot-long mastodon tooth

A woman taking a Memorial Day weekend stroll on a California beach found something unusual sticking out of the sand: a tooth from an ancient mastodon. But then the fossil vanished, and it took a med…..
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Japan’s birth rate hits record low

Japans birth rate declined for a seventh consecutive year in 2022 to a record low of 1.26, the Health Ministry said Friday, adding to a sense of urgency in a country where the government is seen as t…..
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Navy takes down LGBTQ+ Pride post on Instagram and Twitter, removes rainbow banner

The U.S. Navy has taken down posts celebrating LGBTQ+ Pride month on social media, including rainbow banners that read, "Pride."  Pride posts made on the Navy's Instagram and Twitter accounts on Thu…..

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