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Where have all America’s workers gone?

For months economists have warned of recession in America, but in one crucial area the economy seems overheated: employers are still struggling to find workers. Why is the labour market so tight? Li…..
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A short-seller rattles Gautam Adani’s empire

From meagre beginnings in the 1980s, Gautam Adani has emerged as Indias richest citizen. Now, in just a few days, the foundations of his sprawling empire have been shaken. On January 24th a small New…..
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The curse of the corporate headshot

Do an image search for the word business or manager, and what comes back? Nothing that remotely resembles business or managers. It isnt just that the people are attractive. It is what they are doing.…..
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Elliott and fellow activist investors take on big tech

FOR BOSSES and boards, dealing with the odd activist shareholder is par for the course. Contending with a swarm of such gadflies is unusual. Last October Starboard Value, an activist hedge fund, took…..
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A trial in New York exposes US-Mexican counter-narcotics tensions

Even a Mexican telenovela would struggle to come up with a better second season. In 2019 a court in New York sentenced to life in prison Joaquín Guzmán (better known as El Chapo), a leading drug traf…..
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As Lula takes over, Brazil’s economic prospects are looking up

AT FIRST glance Lulas second presidential act looks badly timed. In 2002 Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva inherited an economy that had just been subjected to wrenching reforms. Lula governed capably, but w…..
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Blat, the Soviet art of getting by, comes to Britain

After britains covid-19 shutdown, waiting times at driving-test centres rose to over six months. Where there are bottlenecks, there is potential for profit. Enterprising sorts created a lucrative sec…..
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Spain’s economy is recovering from the pandemic, but problems persist

It was the worst of times, then the best of times. In January 2022, an index by The Economist, ranking 23 countries recoveries from the pandemic, put Spain in last place. The government criticised th…..
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How to conduct a sex survey

Nobody wanted cunnilingus: too much of a mouthful. Besides, the researchers feared people wouldnt know what it meant. Fellatio was avoided for similar reasons. Making love, having it off, going all t…..
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NATO members are right to send tanks to Ukraine

Read more of our recent coverage of the Ukraine crisis. EVERYBODY KNOWS that the second round of Ukraines war is coming. Everybody knows that the Ukrainians need tanks and long-range missiles to wit…..
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A better way of keeping mosquitoes at bay is under development

Mosquito repellents have come a long way. For decades, the market leader was DEET, which fends the pests off successfully, but only for an hour or two. Recently, Icaridin has become available. This l…..
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How to measure how stress affects athletes’ performance

How muchstress is good for an athlete? Surprisingly, since modern, professional sport of all sorts now seems to be in the hands of number crunchers trying to extract another zillionth of a percent of…..
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Patriots promise Ukraine its first defence against ultra-fast Russian missiles

Read more of our recent coverage of the Ukraine crisis. AT ABOUT 15:30 on January 14th, as millions of Ukrainians were relaxing at home after Saturday lunch, a Tupolev Tu-22M3 warplane hovering over…..
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Britain’s carmaking industry is increasingly under threat

The performance of Britains car industry over the years has differed as much as the vehicles it has produced. In the 1950s Britain churned out more cars than anywhere except America; by the 1970s the…..
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Gas stoves became part of America’s culture wars

AFIERY DEBATE has ignited in Americaover the use of gas for cooking. On January 9th Richard Trumka junior, a commissioner at the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), a federal agency, told Bloo…..
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Rishi Sunak’s hapless government

Evelyn Waugh, a satirist of pre-war England and of the careless aristocrats who ran it, would have had a field day with the modern Conservative Party. Sometimes it feels as though he already has. Tak…..
The Economist

Can China fix its property crisis?

To judge by the high-rises dotted along the shore in Haiyang, a small coastal city, Country Gardens prospects are pretty meagre. The firm, Chinas biggest developer by sales, has sold few beachside fl…..
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Jacinda Ardern’s successor is unveiled

The surprise resignation on January 19th of Jacinda Ardern, New Zealands widely-loved prime minister, could have triggered bloodletting in the countrys ruling Labour Party. But it has selected a new …..
The Economist

New thinking on brain cells

Most people, if they think about the matter at all, probably think of thinking as something done by the huge network of specialised, electrically conductive cells that occupies the upper half of thei…..

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