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Do You Have Fake Twitter Followers? 4 Tools to Analyze Your Account

Whether or not the number of fake accounts on Twitter is enough reason for Elon Musk to back out of his $44 billion deal to buy the company will be a question for the courts to decide. Twitter is suin..

What To Say When Employees Ask, "Am I In Trouble?"

Often when I approach these employees, they start the conversation off with, "Am I in trouble?" This happens in any setting, whether on the open operations floor, or if I call them into my office to d..

5 Ways to Tell You're More Emotionally Intelligent Than You Think, Backed by Considerable Science

1. You appreciate (even if you don't enjoy) negative feedback. 2. You often praise other people, especially those you're not "supposed" to. 3. You ask for advice, not feedback. Nope: emotionally pe..

How to Lead for Each Stage of your Business's Life Cycle

One area that has drawn the interest of academic study over the years is how companies naturally evolve. One piece of research, which appeared in a 2003 paper published in the International Journal of..

To Meet Tomorrow's Challenges, Business Needs More Truth Tellers

Business seems to have turned a corner, and I couldn't be happier or more grateful. It's been a long time coming, but the days of management walking on eggshells to appease snowflakes, Millies, and ot..

3 Foolproof Formulas to Answer 'So What Do You Do?' So Everyone Wants to Talk to You

There are a million and one lists out there of different questions to spice up small talk and elicit fascinating discussions. But I was just at a conference last week and I can confidently report that..

With 5 Words, Ray Dalio Explains the Most Important Trait of Successful Leaders. It's Something Everyone Can Learn

But when I came across Ray Dalio's best advice for young people (taken from his interview on Lex Friedman's podcast last December) my ears perked up. The billionaire investor and entrepreneur has one ..

Google's CEO Just Revealed His 8-Word Strategy for Making the Company More Productive. It's So Good Every Leader Should Try It

Like a lot of tech companies right now, Google has had a bit of a rough time. It's still the world's largest advertising platform, and one of the most important tech companies, but it's also seen its ..

Why Being Vulnerable Makes You a Weak Leader...And What You Should do Instead to Be Respected

There's been a fad in recent years, encouraging us all to be vulnerable. We're told to use this 'gift of vulnerability,' as a way of building trust and connection with others as a means of getting oth..

These Career Paths Will Help New Graphic Designers Stand Out in a Heated Job Market

At a time when nearly every industry in the US is expected to realize an eight percent growth in employment this decade, the graphic design industry is falling far behind at just three percent. This m..

Backlinks: The Backbone of Your SEO Strategy

The SEO process is a kind of marketing conundrum. Google changes its algorithm frequently, and what worked so well suddenly doesn't have any impact on rankings when SEO experts thought they figured ou..

How To Deal With A Client Who's Always Late

I run a professional services consulting business. I work from home and all of my clients are elsewhere, so our meetings are always over the phone or Skype. For the most part, I love my clients, but o..

This Founder Is Breaking Long-Held Gender Stereotypes in the Retail Industry

The sorts of mood boards Matthew Herman makes might include a graffiti-like painting by Cy Twombly, a Polaroid of Dolly Parton, an amethyst geode, and a fire. "I'll weave together a lot of things that..

There's a Word for What Terrible Bosses Do: It's Called 'Inflicting'

In the book Empire of Pain, Patrick Radden Keefe describes the leadership "style" of some of the members of the Sackler family, the owners of Purdue Pharma. (Think oxycontin.) UNCH had a tendency to ..

3 Reasons Your Business is Stagnant

Business growth typically isn't a linear trajectory. There are many ups and downs, and oftentimes we may even find our growth stagnant. So today, I wanted to share with you three reasons why your busi..

Why Your Brilliant Pandemic-Era Subscription Service Needs a Recessionary Makeover

With inflation continuing to break records and whispers of recession spreading, you can expect customers will start cutting all sorts of costs. In economic down cycles, customers tend to forego long c..

5 Areas to Maintain Accountability in DEI Progress

Many companies committed to boosting their diversity, equity and inclusion strategies and actions in the wake of the George Floyd murder. Two years later, results fall far short of what we all wanted ..

Science Shows Most High Achievers Had Troubled Childhoods. Elon Musk's Sister Just Explained Why He's the Perfect Example

Look into the childhoods of many super high achievers, from Howard Schultz to Madonna to Eleanor Roosevelt, and you'll notice a common theme: They weren't very happy. In fact, a great many are downrig..

T-Mobile Is Tracking Users By Default. How to Turn It Off

Yes, your wireless carrier, which is a service you probably pay a lot of money for, and which has perfect knowledge of what you do on your device since it literally carries the bits on its network, is..

Mark Zuckerberg Just Raised Prices on the Quest 2. It's How You Know the Metaverse Isn't Coming Any Time Soon

It's been a tough few weeks for Meta, the parent company of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. The company announced its first-ever drop in quarterly revenue on the same day the FTC announced it was s..

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