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Has Kanye Killed Influencer Marketing? Maybe That's a Good Thing for Brands

Adidas, Balenciaga, JP Morgan Chase, Gap, Instagram, Twitter. A handful of high profile brands that appear to have nothing in common. But one person is responsible for bringing them together, by beco…..

4 Ways to Support Hispanic Small Business Owners

We are one of five million Hispanic-owned businesses in America, which is one reason why each Hispanic Heritage Month, at Hello Alice, we proudly gather stories from Hispanic small business owners to…..

How Businesses Can Help in the Fight Against Gun Violence

New York's Northwell Health is known for having a Purpose. And not just talking about, but activating it with the "Raise Health" Movement and, recently, a major push for gun safety. "We literally pu…..

Behind the Brand with Maserati

Challenger brands are a fascinating case study for me to explore because there is something uniquely intriguing about a brand that has the guts to compete in a highly-competitive, established market.…..

Crunch CEO Jim Rowley Sees Big Gains for Entrepreneurs Who Can Take Advantage of the Changes Coming to the Fitness Industry

Crunch Fitness CEO Jim Rowley has seen many fitness fads come and go. The former Marine spent 15 years as an executive at 24 Hour Fitness, founded three gyms of his own, and has been at Crunch for 13 ..

Google's CEO Faced Intense Pushback from Employees at a Town Hall. His 2-Sentence Response was Smart Leadership

It's become a sort of predictable thing by now. Google holds an all-hands meeting, and its CEO, Sundar Pichai, gets questions from employees who are upset about one thing or another. It's one of the r..

3 Must-Read Books to Help Improve Your Mental Health

October 10th is World Mental Health Day, and this year, talking about and improving our mental wellbeing is perhaps more important than ever. The global changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic ..

When What You Choose to Do Chooses You

A few months ago, I met a woman who I thought was brave. She had started her career as an engineer a few decades ago, back when there were few women engineers and even fewer engineers who were women a..

How a Former Ad Exec Built a $110 Million Business by Catering to How People Really Want to Work

Stephanie Nadi Olson was burned out. She adored her career in advertising, but 10 years in, the status quo was breaking her spirit. She'd been working 60-hour weeks, flying to New York and Silicon Val..

3 Pandemic Lessons Leaders Should Learn Before Moving Forward

With ongoing supply chain issues, labor shortages, and record high inflation, it’s an era of uncertainty for many U.S. businesses. But leaders are confident about the year ahead, with 83% of companies..

Why You Should Have a Personal Library and 5 Steps to Start Building One

Finally, many thinkers have pointed out libraries' ability not just to build our knowledge, but to remind us of our ignorance. “Read books are far less valuable than unread ones,” author Nassim Nichol..

Why the Business Case for DEI Is Broken

The business case for DEI is broken When we look at who is in leadership positions, we see the outcomes of inequity: these roles are overwhelmingly occupied by folks from dominant groups (white, midd..

LEGO Has a Secret Museum That You Can't Visit. Why It's the Company's Most Brilliant Idea

If you're one of the most beloved toy companies in the world-;like LEGO-;you will have a lot of fans. Some of those fans are children who play with your toys. Some of them are adults who grew up playi..

An HR Exec Explains the Small Change That Fixed Her Company's Quiet Quitting Problem

Quiet quitting may just be an overhyped name for a very old problem -- disengagement from work -- but that doesn't mean it's not a real problem. Recent surveys show that half of employees are "not eng..

Want to Promote--or Hire--the Best Candidate? Follow the Rule of Skill Over Talent

But once he did know how to do something? He really knew how to do it. Within a few years he was an outstanding machine operator whose skills surpassed those of his doubters. He even went on to earn s..

How Biolyte Started as a Secret Project and Became a $25 Million Business

"We have four pallets of this drink I've been secretly working on with your sister, Sarah, coming to the house tomorrow. And I know your career in standup comedy isn't going anywhere," she recalls her..

Delta Just Announced a Change that Will Make People Very Mad. It's Actually A Brilliant Move

Here's how Dwight James, Delta's S.V.P. of customer engagement and loyalty, explained it "These limited SkyMiles Program changes are a necessary step toward both preserving and improving the customer ..

Why You Should Never Build a Product Before Finding a Customer That Wants It

About 11 years ago, I ignored advice that I give to everyone else: Don't build something without making sure people want it. It's a lesson I'd known before but just had to learn again. I'd been consu..

The Surprising Way to Get Smarter and Build a Healthier Brain No One Tells You, Backed by Science

Ask people which factor contributes the most to success and most will choose intelligence, even though research shows a fair bit of luck is also required. Problem is, while it is certainly possible to..

Yale Psychology Professor on the 6 Ways You're Thinking Wrong--and What You Can Do About Them

1. Don't Be Throttled by Things That Have Always Worked 2. Keep in Mind That Examples Are Just Examples The regression fallacy can happen in job interviews and auditions, and this is where the power..

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