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Canada's GDP blowout and the end of the U.S. debt ceiling crisis. Here are the week's top 7 stories

6. Shopify faces class action suit over severance offers 5. Air Canada grapples with tech issue, early contract talks 4. Franklin Templeton to buy Putnam from Great West 3. Bank second-quarter ear…..
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Posthaste: Ranks and fortunes of world's wealthiest shrink the most in 10 years

Steepest wealth declines were recorded in North America High-net-worth individuals are holding more of their wealth in cash today than at any point since Capgemini SE began doing the World Wealth R…..
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FP Answers: What's the best way to use RRSP contribution room accumulated through rental income?

In this case, expert advises forgetting about the RRSP contributions and focusing on the big picture instead This retiree has about $30,000 of net rental income total from two rental properties, wh…..
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Worrying about money? There are ways to take control of your fears

Sandra Fry: To improve your situation in a meaningful way, start by identifying the real reason you are worrying Give yourself a break and know that its OK to feel worried about money.Photo by Gett…..
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5 more mistakes investors should avoid before the summer break is here

Peter Hodson: If you avoid making these mistakes, you will have an easier, more prosperous summer Avoiding some common investing mistakes will allow you to sit back and drink Mai Tais as your money…..
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Canada targets immigrants with specific skills and French speakers

New policy invites newcomers with the skills, training and language abilities to fill jobs that are in demand Get the latest from Naimul Karim straight to your inbox Sign Up Attendees at a citize…..
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Consumers underpin Canada's GDP blowout: What the economists are saying

You can't keep the Canadian consumer down, say economists Consumer spending increased 5.7 per cent annualized from the previous quarter as Canadians spent more on cars and clothing.Photo by Peter J…..
Financial Post

Does being Liberal mean never seeing a conflict of interest?

David Johnston report on necessity of inquiry into foreign interference in elections the latest example David Johnston, special rapporteur on foreign interference, holds a press conference about hi…..
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Canada's oilsands poised for age of optimization

Article content Thats according to S&P Global Commodity Insights, which last week raised its 10-year oilsands production outlook for the first time in over half a decade. This week on Down to B…..
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OSC investigating crypto exchange Binance despite Canadian exit

Documents show OSC attempting to use its powers to compel the production of documents and data from Binance and potentially third parties Get the latest from Barbara Shecter straight to your inbox…..
Financial Post

AI coming to an office job near you? Bring it on, burned-out workers say

Victoria Wells: People worry AI might take their jobs, but they're all for bringing in robots if it means reducing burnout AI could help alleviate some of the mental strain plaguing employees, and …..
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Kitchen table separation agreements can be binding under the right circumstances

Laurie Pawlitza: Clients often ask their family lawyers whether their agreement is binding. The answer? It depends One couple had the validity of their separation agreement decided by Canadas Supre…..
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Posthaste: More than half of Toronto condo investors are losing money in a city desperate for homes

Investors losing as much as $1,000 a month renting out new condos More than half of new condo investors with a mortgage are now losing money renting them out, a new report says. Photo by National P…..
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Holding cash can seem like a good idea, but it can be riskier than buying stocks

Storing away cash for long periods is similar to voluntarily agreeing to lower your salary each year Over time, inflation can erode the purchasing power of your cash, meaning you'll be able to buy …..
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Brace for sticker shock this summer as high demand drives international airfares to five-year highs

Air Canada says demand is expected to persist, with strong advanced bookings for the remainder of the year. Photo by REUTERS/Chris Helgren Article content Canadians are looking to fly more often bu…..
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Posthaste: Wall Street just raised its outlook for Canada's oilsands for the first time in five years

Oil, steam and natural gas pipelines run to an oilsands operation near Cold Lake, Alberta. Canadian oilsands production is expected to increase to 3.7 million barrels per day by 2030. Photo by TODD K…..
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'Not a simple story': Labour shortages aren't being driven by lack of highly educated job seekers

Shortages appear to be mostly centred in jobs requiring little education Get the latest from Naimul Karim straight to your inbox Sign Up A Statistics Canada report suggests employers' complaints …..
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These are the biggest myths in personal finance — and they'll cost you if followed blindly

Jason Heath: Beware of financial advice that is biased or even outright wrong The more you can develop your knowledge and try to apply it to your own situation, the better financial decisions you w…..
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FP Answers: What should I look for when analyzing mining sector ETFs?

First determine how you want to access the sector since it can be done in several ways using ETFs A worker holds copper concentrate at a mine in Peru.Photo by Dado Galdieri/Bloomberg Article conte…..
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Lululemon wins waiver from immigration rules on hiring foreign workers

Ottawa grants exception clearing way for international recruitment drive Get the latest from Naimul Karim straight to your inbox Sign Up A Lululemon Athletica Inc. sign at a shopping mall in San …..

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