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Inside the ‘shotgun’ merger of rival apps backed by AirTree, Hemmes

AirTree Ventures and Tiger Global tipped money into Mr Yum during its record-breaking $310 million raise in October 2021 while me&u was backed by investors including Justin Hemmes, chef Neil Perr…..
Australian Financial Review

If 99pc of start-ups fail, how do AirTree and Blackbird make money?

Blackbird Ventures, meanwhile provided data from its first fund, raised in 2013, where 25 per cent of the companies have closed down, compared with the same number of exits and 10 that are still oper…..
Australian Financial Review

Consultants Using AI Do Better, Especially Underperformers: Study

Levelling the playing field Looking at these results, I do not think enough people are considering what it means when a technology raises all workers to the top tiers of performance, Ethan Mollick, …..
Australian Financial Review

John Farnham Voice ad hit by ‘scammer’ bots sowing hatred and division

The @Respect_Oz account is assessed as a likely bot by Internet 2.0s social media bot and inauthentic account detector 5th Column. The artificial intelligence platform uses an algorithm and gives a s…..
Australian Financial Review

Technology jobs: Work from home era pushes more jobs offshore

Mr Hamilton pointed to National Australia Bank as an example, which has opened new engineering centres of excellence in Vietnam and India. Theyre not going there just to save money. Its highly likel…..
Australian Financial Review

The ASX-listed tech sector shouldn’t bank on AI boom, says Barrenjoey

NextDC chief executive Craig Scroggie said last week that the data centre developer was in early conversations with customers to plan their infrastructure needs for generative AI, which is yet to be …..
Australian Financial Review

Tech sector Salaries have fallen up to 15 per cent as fired talent floods market

Technical project managers with a decade of experience could earn $180,000 to $200,000 in 2021, but those figures had pulled back to between $150,000 and $180,000. He said mid-level automation tester…..
Australian Financial Review

ASX NXT: NextDC plans close to $1 billion data centre investment

Its really just starting to become evident how much new digital infrastructure will need to be built every year here in Australia to support the growth of AI, Mr Scroggie said. We think that the AI w…..
Australian Financial Review

Elon Musk’s Starlink has a growing foothold in Australia through Telstra and Optus, but his commercial interests in China have some worried

Starlink is now the worlds largest network of satellites delivering internet from space. A simplified version of it works like this: ground stations, such as one on the outskirts of Broken Hill in fa…..
Australian Financial Review

Optus and TPG struggle for public sympathy in big tech battle

Just as when media companies sought to encourage the government to adopt a bargaining code with big tech platforms, the telcos TV traffic toll will be robustly rejected by the tech crowd. The initia…..
Australian Financial Review

Plant-based meat start-ups struggling to raise funding as excitement over Beyond Meat’s listing cools

V2food, which is a joint venture between the CSIROs Main Sequence Ventures and Jack Cowins Competitive Foods Australia, banked $77 million at a valuation north of $500 million in 2020. All G Foods, r…..
Australian Financial Review

Aussie start-up raises $12m to eyeball mystery satellites

Our customers were paying us super well, and we thought that was enough to go for gold, he said. But demands from commercial customers to get cameras into distant orbit, to figure out why foreign-ow…..
Australian Financial Review

WeWork offices: Beer no longer flows freely – the reality inside Australia’s office sharing company

The one Im at is kinda grim. It feels like a low tier university library, one Sydney CBD WeWork member said, speaking on condition of anonymity. The co-working floor is 10 per cent utilised, if that.…..
Australian Financial Review

SafetyCulture hits $2.7b valuation, plans $500m share sale

SafetyCulture is best known for its health and safety checklist app, but it also offers a tool to check in with remote workers and a platform for checking maintenance on physical business assets such…..
Australian Financial Review

Octopus Ventures backs $14.5m raise of Alex Colvin’s Pendula

Mr Colvin said the company had become more disciplined in its sales and marketing efforts to become cash-flow positive in Australia, hiring Greg Cullen, who launched US software companies such as Ser…..
Australian Financial Review

Top VC resigned from struggling start-up’s board just months after investing

In relation to recent layoffs in May this year, we are working in earnest to ensure all entitlements are paid in full to our team, she said. As soon as we became aware of a shift in Bardees financial…..
Australian Financial Review

Markus Kahlbetzer and Ben Grabiner raise $15m for Side Stage Ventures VC fund

The challenge with the syndicate is you can never move quite as fast, and you can never get quite as much certainty to the founder that you wanted, he said. Several founders and investors from Austr…..
Australian Financial Review

Atlassian share price jumps 23 per cent as earnings update makes Mike Cannon-Brookes, Scott Farquhar $6b richer

In a letter to shareholders, Mr Farquhar and Mr Cannon-Brookes reiterated their promise to investors to improve margins in the 2025 financial year, after sacking 500 staff, introducing tougher employ…..
Australian Financial Review

Google, Meta offer jobs in Shanghai, China

Organisation is a broad term interpreted as all Chinese companies, global subsidiaries of Chinese companies and Chinese subsidiaries of global companies. The laws reach, however, cannot effectively e…..
Australian Financial Review

CoinSpot founder pays himself $700m dividend

Melbourne-headquartered CoinSpot has cashed in on the cryptocurrency bull market, paying out $700 million in dividends over the past two years, with the majority going to founder Russell Wilson and m…..
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