ABOUT NewsDesk

NewsDesK is a news aggregation service. It’s fully-automated, displays breaking headlines linking to news websites from around the world.

We got tired of the whole problem with fake news. Other platforms are solving the problem by censoring news sources. We believe that this is not the correct way to approach the problem. It takes away the power from the masses and lays it in the hands of the few – the ones controlling those platforms. NewsDesk solves this problem.

We believe having access to uncensored news, from around the world, is a fundamental human right. Our mission is to help provide everyone access to news they need. We also want to provide publishers with people to read the news they write, and not have to worry about censorship. We are continuously in the process of adding publishers to our platform. Currently, NewsDesk provide links to news sources from the top news brands around the world, as well as alternative sources that you might not have come across — all on a single platform.

Access to free news is important. Access to multiple points of view, on the same subject, even more so. That’s why we built this platform – to bring the news of the world, to the people of the world, unblemished and unvarnished. We believe that more information, about the topics that concern us, will enable us to see the world in a different light. It will help bring us closer together. Moreover, we will see how different news sources are choosing to portray their news as compared to others, and this understanding will enable further truths to unfold.

Currently we’re working with a small team of individuals, dedicated to the goal of providing a platform to the general masses. In the future, we hope to build on this with bringing more features to the platform which would benefit both ends of the service: the people who read the news, and the publishers.

If you're a publisher, and want to contribute to this website, we'd like to hear from you.


We welcome all questions, suggestions, concerns and feedback you might have.

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