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Illegal migrants kept in cage by EU state – media

Bulgarian border guards have been keeping irregular migrants caught at the county’s frontier in cage-like structures, some European media outlets reported on Thursday. Footage circulated by journalis…..
Fox News

Russia's Wagner Group fighters burn through 2,000 rounds of ammo per day fighting determined Ukrainian army

Russia's Wagner Group, a private military mercenary force, has seen each of its fighters reportedly burn an average of 2,000 rounds of ammunition per day in an attempt to fight off a fierce Ukrainian…..

Bolton declares ‘American surrender’

Former US National Security Advisor John Bolton has denounced Thursday’s high-level prisoner swap with Russia, saying it was a sign of weakness that emboldens “terrorists and rogue states.” “The Bou…..

China eyes expanding its new space station

China is considering expanding its Tiangong space station, Wang Xiang, the head of the space station system at the China Academy of Space Technology (CAST), has revealed. The senior official spoke t…..

Danish defence ministry says its websites hit by cyberattack - Reuters

COPENHAGEN, Dec 8 (Reuters) - Denmark's defence ministry was hit by a cyberattack on Thursday that had cut off access to its websites, although it had no impact on its operations, the ministry said o…..

French central bank sees fourth quarter growth of 0.1% - Reuters

PARIS, Dec 8 (Reuters) - The French economy is on course to finish the year with slightly positive growth in the fourth quarter, the central bank said on Thursday in its monthly outlook. The euro zo…..
Washington Post

Who is Paul Whelan, the former U.S. Marine held in Russia?

Comment on this story The release of Brittney Griner, the American basketball star imprisoned in Russia who was exchanged Thursday for Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout, raised questions about the cas…..

Austria blocks two EU nations’ bids to join Schengen zone

The Schengen Area, Europe’s visa-free travel zone, will expand for the first time in over a decade after all 26 member states voted on Thursday to accept Croatia into the agreement. The country will …..

Why Viktor Bout’s return to Russia is so important for Vladimir Putin

It is the most uneven of swaps at the most unlikely of times, but perhaps the intense pressure of this moment is why the exchange of a US basketball star for a Russian arms dealer ended up happening …..
Washington Post

Mitt Romney’s lonely warning to the GOP should prompt action now

Comment on this story By all indications, House Republicans will spend the next two years serving the people by examining every aspect of Hunter Bidens private life and sabotaging efforts to hold Do…..
Associated Press

Youth hockey doctor faces more sex abuse charges

A suburban Detroit doctor already jailed on criminal sexual conduct charges connected to his work with youth hockey organizations has been charged in two additional cases. The Oakland County prosecuto..

Opinion: What comes next for Brittney Griner must be up to her

Upon Griner's release, what comes next should be up to her, with questions of whether or not she will return to the court best left for another day. Instead of jumping into those narratives, perhaps w..

Supermarkets don’t create jobs, they destroy them | Supermarkets

You report that Asda is planning to open 300 convenience stores and create 10,000 new jobs in the next four years (6 December). The truth is that these schemes rarelycreate jobs; rather, they tend to…..

Why would Labour want to sideline left-leaning candidates? | Letters

Readers respond to an article by Owen Jones about allegations of dirty tricks against prospective MPsOwen Jones is right. Millions of us in the UK and, moreover, in the Labour party, support the platf..

University of Idaho student pens emotional op-ed on how murders have rocked Moscow

Sign up to our free US news bulletin sent straight to your inbox each weekday morning Sign up to our free morning US email news bulletin A University of Idaho student has penned an emotional op-ed …..

‘Potential criminality’ at Unite over hotel project, union reveals

Sign up to the Inside Politics email for your free daily briefing on the biggest stories in UK politics Get our free Inside Politics email Potential criminality has emerged after inquiries into the…..

Strep A: ‘No shortage’ of antibiotics in Scotland as Sturgeon issues warning

Sign up for our free Health Check email to receive exclusive analysis on the week in health Get our free Health Check email Scotland is not facing a shortage of antibiotics needed to treat Strep A,…..

Merkel’s ‘confession’ may be ground for tribunal – Moscow

A confession by former German chancellor Angela Merkel regarding the true nature of the Minsk agreements – a roadmap for peace in Ukraine that was brokered by Berlin – could be used as evidence in a …..

Ukrainians desecrate DPR flag at US Congress (VIDEO)

A group of Ukrainian activists, led by comedian-turned-volunteer Sergey Pritula, desecrated the flag of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) during a visit to the US Congress. The delegation met US la…..

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Another Blizzard QA department wins union vote

Another Blizzard QA department wins union vote Another Blizzard QA department wins union vote / QA testers working on Diablo IV in Albany, New York, have just elected Activision Blizzards second u…..

Dodgers sign OF Jason Heyward to a minor league contract

Jason Heyward, the former All-Star and five-time Gold Glove Award winner who has struggled offensively for most of the last six years, has signed a minor league contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers,…..

How Biolyte Started as a Secret Project and Became a $25 Million Business

"We have four pallets of this drink I've been secretly working on with your sister, Sarah, coming to the house tomorrow. And I know your career in standup comedy isn't going anywhere," she recalls her..